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Cold red tea for weight loss

Cold red tea for weight loss

Slimming properties of cold red tea
Does it bother you to drink hot infusions in the middle of summer? It would not be anything weird. So, why not opt ​​for a good cold red tea to lose weight? This recipe is simple, maintains its properties and may even become your bedside refresh.

Pu erh red tea has been touted for many years as a beverage that provides valuable help in weight loss due to its ability to burn fat.

In addition, it stands out for having a deliciously soft and deeply earthy flavor.

One of its main health benefits is its medicinal effect on the digestive system.

What is the best time of day to drink red tea
The best time to drink a cup of pu erh tea with the goal of losing weight is one hour after meals. In this way, you can eliminate the excess fat and help your body to discard the ingested calories to spare.

You can also drink it half an hour before meals so that its satiating effect will act to help you eat less.

The ideal is to drink it in its purest form, without adding anything. But of course, depending on the taste you have, you can add fruit or sweeten it, especially if you plan to drink it daily for a long time, so you do not get bored with the taste.

Red tea helps you lose weight by increasing the speed of digestion. The medicinal properties of this tea accelerate the movement of fat ingested from the stomach to the colon without giving time for the fat to be absorbed by the body.

Cold red tea recipe

It is an indicated option for the summer, because if you want to lose weight, your properties are maintained anyway. For this same reason, do not hesitate to enjoy it well frozen on a summer afternoon.


Two tablespoons of red tea
A liter of water
Lemon (optional)
Sweetener allowed to taste

Heat the liter of water until it almost reaches the boiling point. Between 80 and 90 degrees will be fine.
Place the two teaspoons of red tea in the teapot, add the water, let stand five minutes and go to a jar.
Take the refrigerator for two hours.
Finally, before serving, add ice to each glass, a piece of lemon (or its juice) and also, if you wish, a bit of sweetener allowed.
You will see that, in this way, red tea is very tasty and goes much better with high temperatures than drinking it hot. In addition you will be benefiting with the full range of medicinal properties that this tea possesses.

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