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How to prepare a pu-erh tea

How to prepare a pu-erh tea

Pu-erh tea requires indispensable water boiling for its proper preparation. The time you will have to rest may vary, reaching up to five minutes. Have you already tasted a delicious pu-erh tea?

As you should know, puer tea has become a tea well known throughout the world, especially for its slimming properties. But, besides that, it is a very tasty and enjoyable tea at any time of the day.

This variety of tea extracted from the Camellia sinensis, comes from the Chinese province of Yunnan and has a particular characteristic: the peculiarity of having a fermentation process after being produced.

This process is what gives the taste and aroma so characteristic and distinctive puerh teas. In general, these elements improve with the passage of time.

Initially it can present earthy aromas, to dust but then when you get used to it, you can discover fruit nuances, specifically nuts.

They are elaborated from the plant of asmica variety of Camelia sinensis, characterized by having large leaves.

Like all tea, puerh red tea has its preparation requirements. Do you want to know them?

Pour hot water over the cups and teapot to preheat. In this way, in addition to cleaning them, you will leave them at an appropriate temperature so that the leaves of puerh open more easily.
Place the tea leaves in the teapot, approximately five grams and pour hot water over them. Washing or rinsing tea leaves before preparation can remove any impurities, such as dust.
Do not forget that this type of tea is long stacked, so it is good not to skip this step even if it takes a little more time.

Just leave them two or three seconds in contact with the water, it is for you to “wake up”. Then discard the water.

Preparation of red tea pu-erh

Place boiling water in the teapot and let the pu-erh tea rest for a few moments before consuming it. With 30 seconds will suffice.
But if you want a more concentrated infusion, you can prolong the rest up to 5 minutes.
As you should know, being an aged tea, its shelf life is longer than that of other teas. You can use the leaves of an infusion up to ten times. Without losing the flavor and aroma. Of course, they will soften with each infusion.
Ideally, you should prepare it in a Yixing teapot or clay, but of course if you do not have this type of teapot, you can make it with any other.

Ready! you already have all the tips to prepare an exquisite puerh red tea. What are you waiting for?

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