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Nan Nuo Shan, a red tea with a lot of personality

Nan Nuo Shan, a red tea with a lot of personality

A tea with notes of mango and peach
The nan nuo shan is a variety of very particular red tea, emerged from China and very little discovered. But, in turn, it is very attractive, fruity and with personality. Do you want to meet her? Well then do not hesitate to read this note.

The nan nuo shan is one of the most common teas in the Menghai region, which is where the Hani hand pick and produce this wonderful tea, which is presented in traditional red tea cakes and stands out for its fruity touches. Do not miss it!

How is it obtained?
The nan nuo is a high mountain red tea, which is grown in surrounding regions at 1400 meters high. It is a tea that is personally collected and handcrafted by the Hani people, originally from the Menghai region, from where this variety of pu-erh originates.

The leaves are lightly roasted and then rolled by hand, before going through the typical fermentation process that red tea has. This is how the particular flavors of this great infusion are also produced.

What are their characteristics?

It has an earthy flavor, but it is combined with fruity touches, such as mango or peach. It is rich, perfumed, corpulent. Energetic and with that peculiar flavor. It could be said that it combines all the characteristic touches of pu-erh, but with a profusion towards fruity.

How do you prepare it?
With water at about 80-85 degrees, it can be infused for about 20 seconds. And then go re infusing, increasing 10 seconds with each subsequent preparation. If you do not want to try these variations that you suffer, just leave it for 2 or 3 minutes and you will be ready to drink.

What time of day does it work?
It is very likely that if you are a regular pu-erh drinker, you can enjoy it at any time of the day. It can be a little caffeine, but not at crazy levels either. You can try it more than anything in the morning or in the afternoon. But it is also a matter of you finding your space.

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