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Red tea, vanilla and coconut, a sensory and seductive blend

Red tea, vanilla and coconut, a sensory and seductive blend

If you want to give yourself a mime, something that leaves your senses ecstatic with pleasure, nothing better than this seductive combination of red tea, vanilla and coconut. Perfect for that moment where nothing is better than finding oneself with a cup.

Are you eager to sit down and enjoy a delicious tea, full of captivating flavors and aromas? The combination of red tea, vanilla and coconut is simply unbeatable when you need something that reaches your soul. Do not miss to prepare this great blend that you will know in this note.

A sweet experience of pu-erh

40 grams of pu-erh red tea of ​​good quality
10 grams coarse grated coconut
A vanilla pod (or vanilla essence sprayed)

To carry out this blend of tea, you only have to mix the pu-erh with the grated coconut. Subsequently, place the contents of the vanilla pod and mix.
Heat the water to 80-85 ° to prepare it and leave it to rest for 4-5 minutes so that the flavors are released and commune
Pu Erh
If you do not have vanilla, only use essence, but sprayed so that you barely aromatize the tea strands, without wetting them. Store in a jar and you’ll have this fabulous blend ready to be used.

A great combination for a moment of satisfaction

The earthiness of the pu-erh manifests itself in full union with the soft tropical voluptuousness of the coconut and that unique and aromatic touch that gives vanilla everything.

This blend of Aromatic Snail Keemun Black Tea vanilla and coconut not only is prepared very easily, but is perfect for any time of day. Of course, I prefer it in different circumstances. I like it as a dessert, or to accompany some. But above all I love when I need a moment of relaxation, a need to stop a little and find yourself, with the cup and your person, nothing more than that.

Tea offers you a wonderful sensory connection. And it also facilitates your thinking, reflection and also the awakening of aromas, the receptivity of flavors and many other things. This blend will help you with many of these things. So do not stop giving it a chance, either prepared by yourself or bought out there.

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