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Can I have all the red tea I want?

camellia sinensis

Recommended amounts of red tea
One of the questions asked by the usual red tea consumers is whether they can consume several daily doses of this tea and how it can affect their health. Fortunately, barring some exceptions that can bring problems, everyone can consume as much tea as they wish.

General characteristics of red tea
As you should know, this variety of tea extracted from Camellia sinensis, is one of the few that has a fermentation process after its preparation.

This difference confers a special particularity to its flavor. Contrary to other teas that lose freshness and aroma as time passes, this improves with it.

In general, it presents earthy aromas and fruit raisins. For this reason, it is often not well accepted by the public. It also goes through a matter of habit.

Red tea is a drink that fortunately will not bring you any kind of complications. Especially if you are one of those who like to consume it in several doses throughout the day.

Quite the opposite: the benefits of red tea are clearly accentuated, when it is consumed in more quantity.

Consumption of red tea: what should you know?
It is not always necessary to remember the fact that both teas and herbal infusions, it is advisable to drink them in moderation: we are talking about no more than three to four cups a day.

The truth is that you must have some precautions about it:

Generally, all types of teas should be consumed preferably far from the usual meal times, at least half an hour before or a half hour later, at least. It is that it can get to hinder the correct absorption of iron, coming from food.
Another problem that can make you decline to drink red tea, at least in large quantities, is that you suffer from hypertension. Is that this drink, belonging to the range of teas derived from the plant Camelia sinensis, has theina, a stimulating substance that is not recommended for hypertensive.
For this reason, it may also not be a good option if you are nervous, suffer from anxiety or have sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Those who have doubts about the damage that red tea can cause, can consult this article, which talks about the contraindications of pu-erh.

But as the world of tea is very vast, it is also important to consider as an alternative, a drink that may be suitable for all those who wish to consume red tea but without theine.

Since there is a replacement with very similar properties, but that does not come from the Camellia sinensis and, therefore, does not have theine: Aromatic Snail Keemun Black Tea.

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