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Dian Hong Black Tea: a blend to delight the senses

Dian Hong Black Tea a blend to delight the senses

An exotic blend
Magic and harmony come together in this tea to delight the senses of those who drink it. Dian Hong Black Tea is a blend made with ingredients mostly from the East. Know different aspects of this tea and how you can prepare it …

Ductility is one of the main characteristics of tea. It is a drink that can be drunk and enjoyed in its purest form or mixtures have been created that have become famous over time.

Such is the case of English breakfast tea, composed of black tea, oil and bergamot peel. A classic at breakfast time.

Surely you already know, that the blends or mixtures of tea can be made from any variety of tea of ​​the Camellia sinensis, and for this flowers, fruits or herbs are used.

A very particular and novel case is the Dian Hong Black Tea. It is a blend composed of:

Yunnan puerh red tea
Eurasian Strawberries
Orange peel from Spain
Vanilla pods from Madagascar
An exotic mixture, right?

If the ingredients dazzled you, much more will their color and aroma. Its color is an intense amber with golden sparkles, in terms of the aroma is very varied, since it mixes the sweetness of vanilla and strawberry with the earthy puerh.

If you ask yourself, how can the taste be? The correct answer is an accentuated citrus flavor, which you will surely love.

Can you get any benefit from drinking this tea?

Of course, and it is one of the great advantages of the blends: you not only get the properties of red tea, but also those of vanilla, strawberry and orange. You could almost say that a cocktail of medicinal properties.

On the side of red tea, there are many studies carried out in different universities that claim that it has benefits when it comes to losing weight and lowering and controlling cholesterol, among others.

On the other hand, vanilla is attributed to tranquilizing and digestive properties. With orange, you can benefit from its high content of vitamin C which is essential to boost the immune system.

It should be noted that this exotic and exquisite blend is handcrafted, which shows a detailed and meticulous care in the use of its ingredients.

What gives this tea a touch of more character and personality.

Where can you find this tea

Look for it in specialized stores or via the Internet.
There is also the option that you ask for the ingredients in a tea shop so that they can form the blend or buy them and you yourself in your home to try different intensities of flavor.
How can you drink the Dian Hong Black Tea?

As the base is red tea, you should prepare it as if you were to drink a pure one. What you have to change is the resting time, increasing it a few more minutes to give more time for the ingredients to mix well.

Are you still in your house? I thought you had run out to buy the ingredients to make you Dian Hong Black Tea.

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