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Recipes with red tea

Recipes with red tea

Mixtures to make different types of red tea
The red tea has become one of the most popular, within the varieties of said beverage. It is that its properties to lose weight and its antioxidant power, among other benefits, put it in a privileged place. But you should not be content to drink it always in the same way. Meet different concoctions that you can prepare with him.

Red tea has become one of the undisputed teas in this class of drinks.

Is that its magnificent properties (helps lose weight and is antioxidant, among others) make it have a privileged place in this underworld.

But, you do not necessarily have to drink it alone. You can make an infinite number of mixtures, adding herbs, flowers, seeds and fruits to create exquisite combinations.

These homemade “blends” that we propose below, will make you get special flavors and aromas for the pleasure of your senses and those who share these drinks. To try without fear!


Five teaspoons of red tea
Four grains of cardamom

Place the teaspoons of red tea with the cardamom inside the teapot. Add the water to about 90 degrees and let it infuse for five minutes before serving. You can add sugar, honey, stevia or sweetener if you want to sweeten it-


Four teaspoons of red tea
A pinch of cayenne
One teaspoon of peppercorns
Two or three cloves
A small branch of cinnamon
Half pod of vanilla
The skin of an orange

Place all the ingredients in the teapot and add water at 90 degrees, leaving to infuse for about five minutes before serving. Add an orange slice to the cup. You can also add sugar to enhance the flavors of spices.
Red tea

Red tea with vanilla


Four spoons of red tea
Two vanilla pods

While you put the vanilla pods already scraped in the teapot and you also add the tea, it heats the water to about 90 degrees centigrade. Add to the teapot and let it infuse for four or five minutes before serving.

An excellent and perfumed version of the classic red tea, you can enjoy this way.


4 teaspoons of red tea
2 small pieces of grated ginger
Orange peel

When you have the ingredients together, put them in the teapot and pour over them hot water at about ninety degrees centigrade. Then wait about five minutes to enjoy this tasty drink.

As you will see, in this opportunity the recipes presented are to prepare preferably hot, but they also lend themselves to cold drinks.

You just have to do the preparation normally, let it cool naturally and then take it to the fridge or there is also the option of adding ice cubes.

Finally, enjoy!Black Golden Monkey Tea

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