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Does red tea stain your teeth?

Does red tea stain your teeth

It is one of the possible contraindications of this tea
One of the questions that many people ask about red tea is if it can get to stain the teeth. In fact, some people claim that they have suffered from this problem. But is this really true? You can find out by reading this note.

Red tea has become an ally of everyday for many people who want to consume it to enjoy its properties to lose weight or its antioxidant benefits, among other things. But, as is well known, this tea also has some contraindications that, unfortunately, do not make it suitable for anyone who wants to drink it.

The problems it can generate when it comes to absorbing the iron that comes from meals, as well as its caffeine content are already known. But also many people wonder if red tea stains teeth. Is this the way they say it? Can this drink really cause dental problems?

Red tea can stain teeth

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. All kinds of tea, including red tea, can generate some kind of dental stains. This is because they are drinks with tannins, which can generate small conflicts in the enamel of the teeth and cause those undesirable macules that nobody wants to have. This also happens with other drinks such as coffee or wine, for example.

While it does not affect all people equally (I put my case, for example, I drink red tea more than often and I have never had this problem) you have to take it into account if you have enough damaged tooth enamel or if you have tendencies to suffer spots on them.

In any case, there are always ways to avoid it. The best of them all? Brushing daily and maintaining correct oral hygiene. In this way, you will have much less opportunity for Keemun Fragrant Superfine Black Tea to stain your teeth. Also here you will find some teeth whitening tricks that may help you.

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