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Fruit red and spicy tea

pu erh red tea

Red tea is great for its properties and also for its flavor. The cold is approaching and the recipes for iced tea are becoming obsolete. This, on the other hand, is perfect, since it incorporates fruits and spices. Perfect to savor the pu-erh in another way.

In China it is known as the “dark tea” that is made in Yunnan. In the West, pu erh red tea is known for its health benefits, but there are many misconceptions about its taste and processing.

The taste of rolo pu erh tea of ​​good quality has a deep flavor that many consider as earthy or aged. When it is of poor quality, it has a muddy or moldy taste.

The peculiarity of its flavor and its medicinal properties make it a great option to drink as a digestive after a heavy meal. In fact, in China and Hong Kong, it is often consumed during and after heavy or greasy meals.
How to make a good red tea?
If you are going to use a pu erh red tea cake that is a compressed presentation of this tea, instead of loose leaves, you will have to pry gently to extract the leaves without breaking them. You can use a special knife or other small knife that does not damage the tea leaves.
Once you have the leaves at hand, it is convenient to rinse them, especially if the pu erh is aged instead of fermented.
Although some people say that this is to remove the dust that has settled in the tea during the aging process, it is actually to remove the dust that has formed during the fermentation, as well as to “wake up” the leaves (prepare them for The infussion).
To rinse the tea, place the leaves in a glass, pour the water over them when it is near the boiling point and then quickly remove them from the water.
To prepare the tea to drink, it is recommended to use water at a temperature of 96 º Celsius. Some people prefer to use fully boiling water to obtain a stronger flavor.
Let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes.

Red tea recipe with fruits and spices

Red iced tea may not be entirely appropriate at some times of the year. Consume it alone, as usual, maybe it bores you.

But you can choose this good recipe of fruity red tea with spices, ideal to give it another depth and nuances. Do you dare to prepare it?


Two tablespoons of red tea
A piece of cinnamon stick
One teaspoon of cardamom
Pieces of orange peel
Some raspberries
Sweetener to taste

Heat approximately one liter of water until it reaches almost boiling, but without boiling. Place the pu erh red tea, cinnamon, cardamom, chopped raspberries and orange peel in the teapot. Add the water, let stand about 5 minutes and strain.

So, you’ll have this fruity and spicy Dragon Ball Yunnan Rose Black Tea ready to serve. The red fruits feel wonderful, same as the citrus acidity of the orange peel. The spicy touch ends up giving the distinction fee. It is a perfect recipe to vary the tea of ​​every day.

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