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How and why red tea is pressed

How and why red tea is pressed

A process that has pu-erh to be able to ferment
Have you always wondered why pu-erh red tea usually comes pressed in bricks? Well, if you read this note, you will not have any more doubts, since you will learn everything you need to know about this topic.

Pu-erh red tea is one of the best that exist, as they have wonderful properties and a unique flavor. Earthy, reddish, with vanilla and wood tints, this infusion is wonderful. And a good part of that is due to its process of pressing on bricks and subsequent fermentation. Do you want to know more about this whole process? Read then this note.

How do you press red tea?

There are two types of presses to convert the tea into what will later be a red tea brick. One is done with machinery and the other process is done manually. In either case, the tea leaves are taken, placed inside a mold and then pressed (with a machine or with a stone, depending on the case), using steam. Thus, the brick is ready to be fermented.

Why is red tea pressed?

Precisely, fermentation is what is done through this pressing. The tea is held together in that brick and, through this process of aging, is attacked by bacteria and microorganisms, which in turn undergoes oxidation and will end up becoming what it is: the highest quality red tea, which arrives pressed in those bricks and that gives you a remarkable flavor, in addition to its great properties.

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