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How to make an energizing tea with herbs from the garden

How to make an energizing tea with herbs from the garden

Sometimes, the true relaxation of a person can be in their own garden, orchard or balcony. Those who, for example, are dedicated to growing herbs and aromatic plants at home, can have in them not only a hobby, but also a graceful medicinal treasure at your fingertips. And yes, of course, also a source of relaxation.

Nothing like going out to contemplate the plants, look at them, pamper them, give them away, remove their impurities and so on. It is a perfect time to distract the mind and also to select some herbs that you can then use in a rich infusion. Do you want to give a twist to that red tea you have stored in your can? Well then do not stop trying this aromatic, herbal and energetic variant. Perfect for winter and also out of it!


Half a liter of water
A spoonful of red tea
A branch of mint
A small sprig of rosemary
A good spoonful of grated organic ginger
Honey, molasses, maple syrup or the natural sweetener that you prefer

The aromatic plants will give you a perfect drink

Place to heat the liter of water. When it is about to reach the boil, averaging 90 degrees centigrade, turn off the fire.
Place inside the teapot or a saucepan, the red tea (in strands), the mint, the sprig of rosemary and a little ginger. Of course, if you do not have ginger cultivation, you can buy an organic one, which is easy and very tasty.
Add the water, cover the preparation and let it rest for at least five minutes, a matter of releasing the flavors.
Serve the infusion and sweeten, if you wish, with some natural product. You know: agave honey, maple syrup, molasses, stevia. Choose something of good origin, to close the circle of organic and natural that will give you this delicious infusion.

This preparation will not only have that strong, citrusy touch that rosemary has, but you will also enjoy its energy and anti-bacterial capacity. For its part, the mint is super refreshing and digestive. Ginger will give you vigor and help boost circulation, in addition to being perfect for winter, for its ability to help the airways. And well, it is not necessary to forget that all part of a drink as noble and profitable as it is Golden Tip Organic Jinhao Black Tea. To enjoy!

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