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Red tea and cholesterol

Red tea and cholesterol

Consumption of red tea and cholesterol
Many times people are really questioned about the things that are usually read about the properties of this or that drink. Such is the case of red tea. They often claim so many questions about him, that often ends up doubting. But with respect to cholesterol, there are medical studies that have proven that its effectiveness is accurate.

It is already known that red tea is one of the most promoted drinks due to its multiple properties. All the healing benefits that the different varieties of tea from the Camelia Sinensis plant can bring to the organism seem endless.

Scientific study: red tea would be good for cholesterol
While some of the benefits attributed to him are not proven, there is no doubt about his effectiveness as a bad cholesterol fighter. At least that is what the studies carried out at the University of Yunan, a Chinese educational establishment, have affirmed.

This study dates back to 1986, at which time 86 patients with coronary problems were hospitalized to be treated with a “red tea cure”. 55 of them were given 15 grams of pu-erh per day, divided into three doses and for two months, without altering their eating habits.

At the end of the study it was found that there were no adverse effects, rather the opposite. The levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides had been reduced, and the good cholesterol had increased.

On the other hand, it is gaining more and more adepts trying to lose weight with Pu Erh red tea. The diet of red tea is based on the properties of Pu Erh to lose weight, no doubt related to its incidence in the metabolism of lipids.

Another study that reaffirms the thesis of the healing properties of red tea to fight cholesterol was carried out in 2005, at the Taipei Research and Extension Station in Taiwan. In this study, the growth-suppressing and lipid-lowering effect of the four most commonly consumed varieties of tea was evaluated: oolong, black, pu-erh, and green tea. To carry out this study, the different varieties of tea were given orally to rodents.

Most effective tea varieties to lower bad cholesterol

The most effective tea varieties are the following, in this order:

Oolong tea
Pu-erh red tea
Black tea
Green Tea
The pu-erh tea and the oolong tea may reduce triglyceride levels more significantly than Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea and black tea, but pu-erh tea and green tea are more efficient than oolong tea and black tea in the tea. reduction of the total cholesterol level.

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