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Red tea with mint and chocolate, ideal for winter

drops of peppermint essential oil

Do you want a delicious mix to prepare during these cold times? Then do not miss the chance to try this blend, which mixes red tea, mint and chocolate. A delight, ideal to warm hands and aromatize the senses.

Playing blends, although one is not an expert in the field, is a bit the act of playing at being an alchemist, a creator of potions for the well-being of the senses. Prepare a rich blend of tea is an art and sometimes the classics are the ones that show you the way to go.

Without a doubt, chocolate and mint is a union of those indivisible, that last beyond time and never fail. And if mixed with a rich red tea, communion is sensational. For this reason, do not forget to pay attention to this recipe and take into account this wonderful blend for a cool autumn or winter afternoon.


50 grams of red tea of ​​good quality
10 grams of dried mint leaves
Two generous tablespoons of good quality bitter cocoa
Drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)

A mix that you can prepare at home without any problem

Place pu-erh red tea in a large jar, always of good quality and in strands. Add the mint leaves, previously dried.
Add the two spoonfuls of cocoa and, if you have to hand, a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix the preparation well and store it in a can or airtight glass jar, always in a cool, dry place and without the light.
When preparing this tea, you only have to place approximately one tablespoon of this blend in the teapot for every two medium cups of tea you intend to prepare.
The best thing is that you do it with water at a temperature of about 85 degrees Celsius and with 3 to 5 minutes of rest. A wonderful recipe!

Without a doubt, Mao Feng Superfine Keemun Black Tea can become one of your tea figures for this fall / winter. It is a variety to which you feel good a few combinations and that will bring you great satisfaction in different formats. I recommend you try this red and spicy tea this winter, as well as this pu-erh with ginger and cinnamon.

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