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Tea red and white at the same time?

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The white pu erh, a strange but satisfying combination
Did you know that there is a variety of red tea that closely resembles white tea? So that’s it. Just the name of white pu-erh and, although it has the red processes, being very young shoots, it has many characteristics of a white. Learn more about this strange variant of tea!

Do you like curious teas? Do you like white tea and also red? Well then you will have all the needs met if you know this variety of tea called white pu-erh. Already its name says it all: a mixture of white tea and red tea, but all in the same cup. Is this possible? Apparently yes, although not always so much reaches the palate. But better, why do not you read the note and know a little more about this topic?

How is it obtained?

They are the classic “silver needles”, those silver needles that are the young buds that eventually end up being white tea. But here is not the thing, since the tea undergoes a process of maturation similar to that of red tea.

Here, precisely, one of the points of controversy is given, since some argue that this youth of the outbreaks does not allow him to develop his full potential once they are maturing. Others, just the opposite: and that results in this peculiar white pu-erh.

What characteristics of flavor, aroma and color does it have?

It looks very similar to a white tea, both when it is prepared, as when it is observed, it smells and others. It also presents some relative notes of vanilla, as it gains a step more on the usual characteristics of white tea. It’s more like amber, it has a little bit of dried fruit and, something to emphasize, you feel a rush of caffeine, something stronger than in a traditional white tea. It is clear: it has a Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea process.

How do you prepare?

Approximately 5 grams of tea is placed for each cup you intend to prepare, at a temperature of about 80 degrees centigrade. Let it sit for about two minutes, and you’ll be ready to drink. Dispense with sugar or anything else you want to add: these oddities are enjoyed like that, with no company other than themselves.

For what moment is it indicated?

Being a fairly mild tea, but with nice notes of vanilla, nuts and even some soft fruits, it can be enjoyed in the evenings without any problems. Perhaps, being a red tea with a certain caffeine content, it is not at all indicated for the nights.

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