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How to prepare a more aromatic red tea

blend of red tea

Red tea is delicious and aromatic in itself. But its flavors can be accentuated with small and delicious additives. You can learn to prepare in this article, a tasty blend to have a perfect pu-erh at your fingertips

Red tea lends itself to blends and mixtures of all kinds. Being a very delicate tea, despite having its characteristic color and aroma, it can also be combined with other elements that will give it depth and nuances. This may be the case with this recipe, which dares to mix orange peel, rose petals, vanilla and a touch of clove. Pure sensuality at the service of taste.


100 grams of red tea
The completely dry peel of an orange
Some dried rose petals
Pieces of vanilla bean
Two cloves

A blend of red tea with orange, roses and vanilla

To prepare this blend or blend of red tea, all you have to do is place the red tea in a jar or airtight container (always in the best possible quality), the skin of the orange in pieces, the petals of roses in the same way and also the vanilla pod. Incorporate the clove, close, mix well and let stand for at least a week before consuming, so that they begin to acclimate the flavors.

When preparing, calculate approximately two tablespoons of the mixture, can yield approximately two or three cups of tea, as long as you like more or less strong. The water temperature should be around 85, 90 degrees, but not. The indicated resting time is between 3 and 5 minutes. Thus, you will enjoy a full infusion, with that spicy touch of the clove, the unctuous vanilla, the floral and also the fruity. A true festival for your senses.

If you like to mix red tea with other elements, to give it a touch of distinction, do not hesitate to try a red tea with ginger and cinnamon. You may also be interested in reading more about Keemun Fragrant Superfine Black Tea blends that exist in the market.

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