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Red tea jelly

Red tea jelly

Red tea is an infusion that works wonders in any format. Have you ever thought of preparing it in jelly? Well, you have nothing more to wait and follow this simple recipe to enjoy it as soon as possible.

The red tea is sensational. It is rich, aromatic, colorful and very healthy. He does not lack anything, really. And you do not have to deny him in its different formats. You can try it in several recipes, since his life goes far beyond being the value that gives a simple infusion.

This recipe, very simple, proposes you to prepare a pu-erh red tea gelatin, prepared with dietary sweetener (if you are on a diet) and with an element that helps you lose weight, as is this infusion. You just have to follow the steps and put it into practice.


One sachet of unflavored gelatin or one tablespoon of agar-agar
Half a liter of water
Two tablespoons of good quality red tea
Sweetener allowed to taste

A pu-erh red tea dessert totally light

Place to heat the water to prepare pu-erh red tea. If you have chosen gelatin, the option is to first infuse the water at about 85 degrees with the tea for five minutes and then strain the preparation, incorporating unflavored gelatin and then dissolving. If you choose the agar-agar, start by preparing the tea in the same way, strain and bring to boil again with the gelling substance. Once it boils, count two minutes before putting out the fire.

In both cases, you will only have to sweeten to taste and take the refrigerator until it is completely solid. So, you will have ready a wonderful dessert for the summer, where you can apply many variations, since you can prepare it with some fruit juice, accompany it with red fruits or as you like. It is perfect for those who are dieting, since red tea is slimming. For all these reasons, you just have to put this recipe into operation.

With red tea you can prepare many different recipes. Try this summer with this pu-erh punch. You may also be interested in this fruity and spicy Black Golden Monkey Tea.

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