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Ice red tea, ideal for summer

Ice red tea, ideal for summer

Red tea is a beverage that likes to be enjoyed for its taste and properties. But, it must be said, during the summer it is not very pleasant to drink such hot things. For this reason, this recipe for making ice cream pu-erh will surely be attractive, as well as simple.

Ice red tea is a healthier drink. But many, for sure, bother to drink it very hot during the summer. This is how you can take advantage of this interesting recipe that we propose below: ice red tea with a bit of lemon, ideal to refresh during these hot summer afternoons.


A liter of water
Four tablespoons of Ice red tea
Some slices of lemon
Ice cubes

Homemade cold red tea recipe

Start this ice red tea by preparing the pu-erh as you usually do: heat the water to about 85 degrees and let it rest for 3/4 minutes until it is ready. Let cool for a while.

The next step will be to take a jar and place a few slices of lemon on it. It also adds a good amount of ice cubes and serves the tea in it, stirring so that it goes cold. If you like to add sugar or some other sweetener, then do it. A perfect way to consume Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea also during the summer.

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