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Mixtures of red tea

Mixtures of red tea

Although it is customary to consume pu-erh red tea without too many additives, some are encouraged and try to create interesting mixtures with other ingredients. Inside these blends of red tea you will find bold options to enjoy the same infusion from another perspective.

Blends of red tea
Red tea can be prepared in many ways by interesting blends or mixtures. These reveal a new dimension of this drink, always prone to mix with other ingredients, although not usual. Here you have some good alternatives.

In the pu-erh red tea section at teabeau you will find a good amount of blends that are totally recommended, where you will find pairings such as red tea with mint, vanilla, flowers and even cinnamon and lemon., for example, proposes very interesting blends with red tea as the main argument. One of them is rather classic, since it only pairs with chamomile. But another ventures into the territory of the smoked, adding pepper and ginger. Not to lose sight of the sweet, where pu-erh meets with cocoa, cinnamon and anise, among others.

Blends with red tea

Delight, for its part, has a more floral proposal: mix red tea with rosehip (a traditional Patagonian fruit) and hibiscus. They, a priori, promente a blend with intense flavor, as well as fragrance of flowers and red fruits.

But you can also encourage yourself to try your own blends at home. Citrus peels, cardamom seeds or strong spices, vanilla, touches of fruit … Anyway, your imagination can surely guide the rest of the mission to prepare a delicious red tea.

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