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Red tea and iron absorption of meals

absorption of iron

Red tea, also known as pu-erh is one of the many varieties and styles that can be produced from the plant called Camellia Sinensis. From it come all the kinds of tea that exist and, coming from the same vegetable, many of them share certain similarities. As it happens with its properties, but also with its contraindications.

Although red tea does not have many adverse effects in sight, it must be said that it does have some that should be avoided if you have health problems and if not too. Is that, just one of them is common to all teas. And more especially to those who have more tannins, such as black tea or, in this case, red tea.

A contraindication of easy solution

It is that the presence of tannins in red tea could generate a kind of digestive conflict, so to speak. This is precisely that the iron that comes from the meals would not be absorbed in the right way when you have recently taken red tea.

But this is something quite simple to avoid. With consuming your usual cup of red tea at least one hour before or one hour after meals, it will be enough time for this problem not to bother you.

Those who suffer from anemia or who tend to eat a lot of protein with iron (red meats, some vegetables, etc.) should take special note of this issue. But come on, that red tea and the absorption of iron from meals does not have to be so complicated if you follow the steps described above. With having a little patience, you will not have any problem.

Do not forget to take into account the rest of the contraindications that Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea has, such as its problems with respect to people suffering from hypertension.

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