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Red tea with cardamom

Red tea with cardamom

Cardamom is an excellent species that comes from the oriental culinary culture. Something costly, its unique flavor can become a perfect addition to some preparations, such as this recipe for red tea with cardamom, which will surely delight your senses.

Cardamom is one of the most widely used spices in the East, especially in Arab countries or in India. This is how he does not call attention to anything that is used in various drinks. In fact, it usually makes an excellent pairing with a red tea, as in the recipe that we propose below.


Two large spoons of red tea
Four or five grains of cardamom
Sweetener (optional)

Homemade red tea recipe with cardamom

It is very easy to prepare a good red tea with cardamom. You just have to heat the water until it reaches about 90 degrees, approximately. Once that step is completed, first heat the teapot with a little water, eliminate it, place the tea, the cardamom, now, the rest of the water and let it infuse for about 4-5 minutes.

Then simply serve (sweetened or not, that goes to taste) and enjoy this Yunnan Fragrant Gongfu Black Tea. You will see how the presence of cardamom is felt, despite not being in large quantities. Perfect option for those who like to taste different flavors.

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