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Red tea with ginger and cinnamon

Red tea with ginger and cinnamon

Winter infusion of red tea with ginger and cinnamon
The hot red tea is a real pleasure for the senses in an afternoon or winter morning. Do you meet for tea and want to surprise with a different recipe? Then you just have to try this delicious blend with ginger and cinnamon.

The blends with red tea and herbs or spices sometimes turn out to be wonders. We believe that this mixture with ginger and cinnamon, particularly is perfect for those winter days where you need more than just a cup of tea. You just have to follow the recipe and check it.


Two tablespoons of pu-erh red tea
A liter of water
A sprig of cinnamon
A piece of grated root of ginger
Honey or sweetener to taste

Take the liter of water at about 85-90 degrees. Meanwhile, place the cinnamon stick, the pu-erh red tea and the piece of ginger root, peeled and cut into pieces, in the teapot. Add the water and let stand about five minutes, serving later.

Before consuming, you will only have to sweeten with honey or the sweetener that you prefer. Or drink it without any sweet additives, which in any case will be more than good. You will notice that touch of cinnamon, the spicy citrus of ginger and all the quality of pu-erh red tea. A remarkable combination.

Do you have problems getting a good red tea in your area? Well then you just have to look for your favorite within these varieties of pu-erh.

Where to get the ingredients to prepare red tea with ginger and cinnamon

Pu erh red tea in strands: In strands or leaves, pu erh red tea is easily achieved. In case you want to know the options available to buy red tea online in your region, you can find the shopping section of teabeau.
Cinnamon on the branch: In the same way, maybe we can help you get cinnamon sticks near your house. Keep in mind that cinnamon sticks best maintain its aromatic qualities.

Ginger: Fresh, you can buy it in any grocery store.

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