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Red tea with orange

Red tea with orange

Red tea is always a great choice when drinking an infusion. But, of course, it is not necessary to prepare it always in the same way. You can try variants like this red tea with orange, perfect for those who want something different.

Always a cup of red tea feels good and more when the low temperatures are in the environment. But for those who want to drink something different, this red tea with orange may be the right choice. In addition, the presence of cloves and cinnamon will end up giving a fascinating flavor.


Half a liter of water
A spoonful of red tea
A branch of cinnamon
Some cloves
The skin and the juice of an orange
Sweetener to taste

Red tea recipe with orange

Place the half liter of water in a saucepan, where you will add the skin of the grated orange, some cloves and a cinnamon stick. When it breaks the boil, turn off the fire. At that time, add the red tea and orange juice, leaving to rest for about five minutes before brewing.

Finally, you will only have to drink this delicious combination, where the astringent and earthy notes of red tea will combine with the citrus and spices. It is a perfect alternative for the cold and, why not, for the whole year. If you liked it, you should not lose sight of this spicy Black Lychee Tea, which is not far from this recipe.

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