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Strawberry milkshake and red tea to lose weight

Strawberry milkshake and red tea to lose weight

The combination of red tea, strawberries and oatmeal can give good results in a shake to lose weight. Is that the three ingredients have interesting capabilities to meet this purpose. You just have to taste this smoothie and see the results.

The shakes to lose weight are always an excellent way to lose weight eating healthy things and that, in turn, influence to lose weight. The case of mixing in a liquefied oatmeal, red tea and strawberries is an interesting option. You just have to try this recipe and see how it works for you.


Two cups of red tea
A cup of strawberries
A cup of instant oatmeal
Sweetener to taste

Strawberry smoothie and red tea Pu erh to lose weight

Prepare the red tea as you usually do and let it cool. Put it in the glass of a blender, where you will add strawberries and oats. Blend until smooth and without lumps.

Then you will simply have to divide into two daily takes. One, ideally, is fasting. The rest you can leave to replace the dinner. You will see that the satiating properties, the fiber and the purifying capacity of Imperial Keemun Black Tea can help a lot so that you lose those extra kilos.

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