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Summery red tea punch

Summery red tea punch

Summer is a perfect season to consume refreshing drinks. Although red tea is always consumed hot, the truth is that it can be prepared in a delicious fruit punch that will be perfect for high temperatures.

Red tea is an excellent drink, both for its flavor and its multiple properties. But, why deny it, in summer there are not many adepts of hot drinks. In any case, alternatives always exist, like this red tea punch. It is perfect for summer, refreshing and with the taste of the fruits that it has so well.

One liter and a half of red tea prepared strong
A cup of orange juice
A cup of lemon juice
Mint leaves
Slices of fruit
Sweetener to taste

Homemade recipe for refreshing red tea drink

Prepare a red tea well concentrated in the amount indicated (If you have questions about how to do it consult this article on how to prepare a Premium Hao Ya Keemun Black Tea) and let it cool.

Once it is already warm, add some mint or mint leaves, the juice of both citrus and also the sweetener of your choice. Stir well, decorate with some slices of fruit (orange, lemon, pineapple, kiwi, etc.) and serve. You’ll see how good it is for a warm summer afternoon.

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