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Fasting green tea: yes or no?

Fasting green tea

Can you drink a green tea without eating anything?
Do you like to drink green tea and do not know whether to take it fasting or not? Read this note and you will discover more about this topic.

Do you want to know the benefits you have to bring green tea when you take it on an empty stomach? Well then do not miss this note. Ideal for morning drinkers of this infusion.

Fasting green tea: how to take it
In the morning, the caffeine energy of green tea can be very effective. Learn how you can use it for the first hours of the day without any problem. Do not miss it!

Every day, without sugar. It is a very metabolic tea, which has many interesting properties to give you and which is much better fasted if you want to lose weight. Why? Because it takes effect from the first hour of the day, with its high content of antioxidants. Also, you prepare it and after two minutes you have it ready to drink. No need to add sugar or anything like that: green tea, better alone.
Prepare the green tea for the mornings. To drink on an empty stomach, as follows. A spoonful of good quality green tea for every large cup of tea you want to drink. Little rest: between 2 and 3 minutes will be more than enough and with water at about 70-75 °. No sugar and it will be ready to be drunk.
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When not to drink green tea in the morning?
It is not always better to take green tea on an empty stomach, sometimes it is better to wait at other times of the day. Therefore, do not hesitate to consider these options.

When you have heartburn In the mornings, when you feel like drinking tea and suffer from heartburn, avoid it. It is that the natural astringency that tea has will prevent you from taking it naturally. Better in the afternoon.
When you do not like caffeine If you are a tea drinker without caffeine or tea, avoid green tea and look for a lighter one. Is that while it has some caffeine content, not all tolerate it in the same way. For that reason, avoid it.
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Other teas and infusions you can take on an empty stomach

Do you want to know other teas to drink in the mornings? Then it’s time to discover these options to use other teas that will help you.

The South African rooibos. A bush similar to Black Lychee Tea that will give you excellent results.
Chamomile or chamomile. A healthy plant where you look at it. Serves even for children.
Cranberry tea. Another exceptional option for when you have no other alternative. The blueberries are wonderful to prepare in infusion and are antioxidants.

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