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Green tea and diabetes: how it is taken and what it is used for

Green tea and diabetes

Green tea and diabetes: all on the subject
Do you want to know the relationship between green tea and diabetes? Do you think that it can turn out to be good against this problem? Well then do not miss this note for the world.

Surely you’ve heard that green tea has thousands of good health properties. But surely you are interested in knowing about diabetes in a timely manner: what benefit does green tea offer in this regard? Well, you will not have to keep reading this note, where you will know the relationship between this antioxidant drink and this chronic disease.

Why green tea would be good for diabetes
First of all, green tea can be very positive to fight diabetes for one main reason: it activates the metabolism, puts it to work. And this is always good to combat a metabolic problem like this chronic disease. So much so that, according to a study in Japan, who drinks up to 6 cups per day of this drink has a 33 percent lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

The answer, once again, seems to be in the levels of polyphenols (antioxidants) that exist in green tea. This would also help in the hypoglycemic effect that it produces in the organism.

So much is the faith that is given to green tea for diabetes, that more than 30 million dollars will be invested to continue investigating the scope that this drink can have when it comes to treating the disease.

How to drink green tea
It can be taken either in tablets, in powder, or in extracts. But the most common is to drink it in infusion, which is the most widespread form in the whole world. So much so that green tea is one of the most consumed beverages throughout the globe.

To prepare it, place half a spoonful of strands of green tea for each cup you want to prepare. You add hot water at about 75 °, let it sit for two or three minutes and it will be ready to be drunk. You can take it as many times as you want a day, ideally four or five cups.

Other natural remedies for diabetes

Do you want to know other plants or natural remedies that can be good for combating diabetes? So do not miss out on incorporating some of these into your life.

The ginger. A great element for health, which is also used for diabetes. Cool, much better.
The red tea As much as Award Winning Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea, red tea helps put metabolism to work and fight diabetes. You can drink it daily.
The bay leaves. One study confirmed its antioxidant power. Great for diabetes.

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