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Green tea with cinnamon and lemon: how to prepare it?

Green tea with cinnamon and lemon how to prepare it

How to prepare a green tea with cinnamon and lemon
Summer is not the right time to spend all day consuming hot infusions, that’s clear. But the truth is that you can enjoy the properties of the raw materials that compose them in other modalities. Do you dare to try a green tea with cold cinnamon?

Green tea is always an excellent and very healthy drink to be consumed at all times. But, this is clear, summer and hot infusions are usually not very compatible. This is how, then, this recipe for green tea with cold cinnamon can be perfect for your summer afternoons.

Green tea and cinnamon: how it is prepared
Green tea with cinnamon to lose weight is often used a lot. Is that the combination of these two ingredients goes with a lot of force. The benefits of cinnamon for health are already well known, as are the benefits of green tea. But better let’s know how this rich infusion is made.


  • Three tablespoons of green tea
  • A liter of water
  • Half cinnamon stick
  • A spoonful of honey (or sweetener to taste)
  • A spoonful of lemon juice
  • A trickle of Bitter or Angostura (Optional)
  • Preparation

Take a saucepan and place there the water, the green tea and cinnamon in the form of twig. When it is about to boil, turn off the heat and let it rest for no more than three minutes before straining.
This is the moment, with the drink still hot, to add the lemon juice, a small Angostura or Bitter (totally optional) and sweeten with a good spoonful of honey or your favorite sweetener (it can be stevia, for example) .
Then you’ll just have to let cool in the refrigerator and drink whenever you feel like it. Ideally, this preparation is not reserved for more than one day. But seen and considering how tasty is the green tea with cinnamon, I doubt that it will be that time in the jar.

What is the use of cinnamon tea with lemon
This combination of flavors and properties can be really great for many things, in addition to losing weight. Discover thoroughly the benefits of cinnamon tea with green tea.

Slim down
Cinnamon to lose weight is considered fat burning and good for activating the metabolism. Green tea is an antioxidant and also contributes to its thermogenic effect. The lemon works on the liver and the purification of the stomach. It is an excellent infusion in every way.

It can be great to help with digestion, both by the effect of cinnamon and lemon juice. Of course, green tea does not clash either. Therefore, it is perfect to help everything is well internally at the level of your abdomen. 😉

Fluid retention
If you are looking for a diuretic naturla, do not doubt that green tea and cinnamon will help you.

If you do not use any prohibited sweetener product, you can use green tea with cinnamon for diabetes without any problem. All the ingredients go well for this problem.

Other infusions to burn fat

You already discovered green tea with cinnamon. Do you want to continue in search of the best Jasmine Snow Bud (Mo Li Xue Ya) Green Tea to lose weight? Well, you’re not going to have any kind of problems with our hand. Here are some options that will surely interest you.

Celery infusion Ideal to put to work the kidneys. It goes very well for detox diets.
Red tea pu-erh. An excellent infusion to lose weight, for its potential fat burning. Perfect for every day.
Mint tea. You can have mint easily in the garden and use it in your slimming infusions. You can also combine it with many other ingredients.

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