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Matcha, a green tea powder

Matcha, a green tea powder

Matcha: powdered green Japanese tea
The variety of green tea called Matcha, comes in the form of powder. It is very common to be used in Japan for different preparations, including meals. Know in this note the benefits of matcha tea and much more about it.

What is matcha?
Green tea has many varieties to offer. There are them in all the variants that you can imagine.

And it also comes in dust, known as Matcha to that type of green tea that serves both to be drunk (hot or cold) as well as to help in the preparation of various foods. Did you know?

It could be said that it is today one of the most consumed varieties of green tea. Among the compliments he receives from his admirers is the fact that being the powder of the tea leaf, he manages to concentrate his properties to a greater degree.

On the other hand, preparing the tea in strands or bags can only obtain part of the medicinal benefits that this curative plant has to offer.

Of Chinese origin but of more widespread use in Japan, the process of making Matcha tea begins when the tea plants are covered to protect them from the sun’s rays.

In this way it is possible for tea to have many more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and, in addition, to be sweeter, obtaining a more intense green color. Its secret begins during planting and is made from Tencha tea, then converting it to its final presentation. Thus they manage to remove its impurities.

Its higher grades are characterized by being more sweet and intense, which in turn is considered a fairly expensive tea compared to other same varieties of green tea.

How to make matcha tea
It is not at all complicated to prepare a perfect tea matcha. It is sifted in the first instance, then it is made with water at about 75 °, always stirring with the brush.

Where to buy matcha tea
Do not know where to buy matcha tea? Well sometimes it can get complicated. The ideal is to look for it in herbalists, specialized tea shops, in some business of oriental products (Japanese, especially) and you can even get to buy matcha in a well-stocked supermarket. Obviously, the price will depend on the brand, quantity and quality. But keep in mind that you will get from 10 dollars and up.

Benefits of Matcha tea to your health

  • It is a powerful antioxidant: based on the test method known as ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity), experts from Tufts University in Massachusetts, discovered that this tea has twenty times more antioxidant capacity than pomegranates or blueberries . Being in this way a great contributor in the fight against cancer.
  • It is very good helping to increase metabolism and burning calories when you want to lose weight. Matcha tea to lose weight can give you good results.
  • It has a great detoxifying capacity: it helps to cleanse and purge the body of elements and heavy minerals. Matcha tea is carefully cultivated in the shade, which causes it to have a content substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas, so it is able to offer greater daily detoxification.
  • It helps to calm and relax the body: it is a rich source of L-theanine, a rare amino acid that promotes a state of relaxation and well-being by acting on the brain but without causing drowsiness.
  • It is excellent to improve the mood and also helps to have better concentration. This is another of the great properties of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, because it can help you even in the studio.
  • It is very effective fighting against viruses and bacteria as it increases the responsiveness of the immune system.
  • It is very helpful to lower cholesterol and blood sugar.
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