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Organic green tea: should I choose?

Organic green tea should I choose

Buy organic green tea does not guarantee quality
Many hard-drinking green tea buyers often ask themselves whether it is worth buying organic or not. Do you also ask yourself the same? Read this note and we will help you make a decision.

Green tea: Organic or non-organic?
Everything depends on many factors. For starters, that the tea is organic does not guarantee, far from it, that it is of good quality. Organic means only ecological: that has not been subjected to external chemical processes or pesticides that could contaminate the plant. It’s just that. But this method of production will not guarantee a better quality of the final product.

If you are a health enthusiast and you are against the use of pesticides in food, you can choose one with organic certification. But also pay attention to this: many teas, especially organic green teas from China, are often without even being declared. Is that they are made in plantations so small that they are even sold without being declared as such.

Tips for buying green tea
If you want some advice to buy green tea, whether organic or not, you should take into account a number of issues that do quality and help you clarify the condition of green tea that you will acquire. If what you pretend is a good cup, with a big drink inside, there are indicators that are more important than the organic / ecological condition of the tea.

See the origin. Generally the best green teas come from small plantations, which are carried out manually by families, with manual treatment and (although it is indicated as organic or not) with a fondness for the product that is noticed and much in the final result.
Look at the season of the year. Certain tea has, either due to climatic or natural conditions, a season of the year that favors it the most. On the other hand, other versions of the same year but from another season, may not be as good. Study the variety and see what time of the year it shows its best face.
Corroborate organic certification and fair trade. If you like to buy organic, make sure that it is commercial or fair price. This is usually one of the best ways to identify that comes from small and handcrafted plantations. Direct from the producer, let’s say. In addition to respecting the treatment of workers who produce it.
Prioritizes quality. Surely you know it very well, but the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of the thread. Let it be a leaf tea, never in a sachet (at least not ground and hyper crushed). Your palate will guide you.

Varieties of green tea that you can buy

Do you want to know some very interesting green tea varieties to consider? Try some of the following.

China holds the reinato of green tea. And within its geography, the dinggu dafang is an excellent exponent.
Hari Talvar (India). The process of green tea in India is not so common, an area dominated by black teas of excellent quality. But Hari Talvar is an excellent example of what this country can give green.
I cha (Japan). One of the world mechs of Organic Tian Mu Mao Feng Green Tea, as expected, will match the great wick.

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