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The 4 best infusions with matcha tea

The 4 best infusions with matcha tea

Matcha green tea: the best preparations
Do you want to learn how to combine matcha tea in the best possible ways when preparing an infusion? Well, it will not be any problem. You have to look for some forms and you can enjoy it in quantity.

Matcha tea is nothing more nor less than green tea powder. It is one of the options of head in Asia, especially in China and Japan, where it is used a lot when it comes to having an instant green tea, which can be prepared at any time and immediately. Would you like to know some ways to consume it? Do not forget to know these recipes then.

4 Recipes to prepare matcha tea infusion
1. Frappuccino
Milk, ice and, of course, matcha green tea are the ingredients of this green tea frappuccino. It is very common to be consumed in large coffee chains in many parts of the world. But it is also true that you can prepare it at home and that it goes very well if you like cold tea.

2. Matcha with milk
You can make a matcha tea with milk in a matter of seconds if you have hot water ready. Matcha mixes with milk powder. Or you use milk directly to prepare it. And ready. You can sweeten or drink as is. Ideal for fans of green tea with milk.

3. Matcha with cinnamon and ginger
If you want to prepare an Indian style matcha, add to each cup of matcha that you are going to prepare, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and another of ginger in the same format. You do it with very hot water (without reaching a boil). You can do well even after eating, because it has digestive effects.

4. Matcha with bitter cocoa
Do you like bitter cocoa? Are you tired of drinking it with milk? Try this recipe Mix your usual dose of matcha, with a good spoonful of bitter cocoa without added sugar. And a touch of black pepper or cayenne. Add the water to about 80 °, stir well and drink. It is ideal to raise a little temperature on those cold winter mornings.

Other recipes with matcha tea

Do you want to try other different recipes with matcha green tea? Time to try these delights. 🙂

  • Matcha smoothies When summer comes, the matcha is an excellent option to beat the heat in a smoothie with rich fruits.
  • Matcha mousse. If you want to prepare a dessert with matcha tea, nothing better than choosing a rich mousse.
  • Matcha ice cream Of course, the matcha, when it comes in powder, adapts perfectly when preparing a delicious ice cream. And it can be mixed with fruit without problem.
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