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Green tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss

Slimming with green tea: preparation and consumption
Green tea is the best tea to lose weight. In addition to its magnificent properties, it has become very popular for its slimming capabilities. This is how it has been adding adepts, who seek to lose kilos hand in hand with a more than healthy drink.

Green tea thins: an antioxidant infusion
Green tea has become very popular in the whole world due to its great antioxidant capacities. It is also true that several are inclined for it because it would be a good option for weight loss. But what does green tea do?

While there is no research that can say this in a completely clear, it is estimated that green tea for weight loss works effectively. In fact, there are studies that have found that people who drank several times a day, increased their energy expenditure by a significant percentage, without accelerating the heart rate.

One of them, realized in the University Hospital of Tainan, Taiwan, determined that the green tea is a good agent of termogénensis, since of those people who had been consuming green tea by a long period of time, a reduction of the percentage was detected fat of 19.6 percent and 2.1 percent reduction of fat located in the waist. Basically: green tea to burn fat can get good results.

How to take green tea to lose weight
Do you want to know how to lose weight with green tea? It can be taken in many different ways. Whatever you have on hand or are going to use, it will give you good results.

In infusion
It is the most typical way to prepare green tea for weight loss. In sachets, or loose in strands (much better). It is always prepared with water at about 75 °, about 2-3 minutes of rest before brewing and then drunk throughout the day. About four cups a day will be perfect.

Indeed, in the absence of leafy green tea to prepare an infusion, you can benefit from its slimming properties through delicious smoothies made with green tea powder. It is the popular matcha green tea and is used in a very simple way, as if it were a cocoa powder or an instant coffee.

In capsules or extract
On the other hand, the capsules of green tea extract are a practical option for those who do not have the time and the necessary recollection that demands to enjoy a good tea.

However, these are not the only ways to drink Green tea for weight loss. In the following video you will find the different alternatives available to lose weight by drinking green tea.

Unfortunately, those people who suffer from hypertension, are carrying a pregnancy, have heart problems or are children, it is not advisable to use it due to its contraindications.

Benefits of taking green tea on an empty stomach
It is very common to consume green tea on an empty stomach. It is that, normally, it is believed that drinks with potential fat burning or that help to work the metabolism, act better in that way. It is also recommended with shakes, alkaline preparations and all kinds of remedies of these characteristics.

For that reason, if you like to drink green tea in the morning you have no impediment when doing it, rather the opposite. Prepare a rich green tea and then continue taking it throughout the day.

Green tea diet to lose weight
There are many people who make the known diet of green tea. In this, green tea is incorporated to lose weight as an instrument where its properties are exploited and potentiated with an adequate diet.

Basically it consists of a hypocaloric diet, to which three cups of the drink are incorporated daily, consuming one after each meal (but always waiting, at least, half an hour to avoid that the iron of the food is not absorbed well). In this way the benefits of Green tea for weight loss, for the purposes of diet are added.

Other properties of green tea

Do you wonder what Organic Tian Mu Mao Feng Green Tea is good for? Well then you do not have to pay attention to any of its properties. It really has many, but there are some that surprise because they are so specific. It’s a pharmacy in your cup, do not hesitate.

  • Protects the immune system With its load of antioxidants, it only strengthens the entire immune system of the body. Ideal to fight against flu and colds.
  • Reduce stress Perfect to combat this kind of stress problems. Relax and help to be calmer.
  • Lowers cholesterol For its ability to synthesize fats and also because it is antioxidant.
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