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Green tea with lemon: know what it is for and how to prepare it

Green tea with lemon

Two plants that have great properties, can go together
If you have ever wondered if you can drink green tea with lemon without any problems, this article is just for you. Do not fail to follow why the combination of these elements not only would not affect you, but could even be positive.

It is very common that when drinking a tea, be it of any kind, some people want to add a little lemon. This is a classic and a combination that, in some cases, turns out to be very good, both for properties and taste. But what about green tea? That is what you can find out by reading these lines. Take off your fears of mixing both substances by reading this note!

Properties of green tea with lemon
Green tea with lemon is nothing more than a combination of the two ingredients that make up the drink. Obviously, as both ingredients are a great source of benefits, you can expect the best from them. Here are some of its properties.

Good for the diet. Lemon is good to help burn fat, something similar with what happens with green tea. Both are good for stimulating the metabolism. You do not have to combine them. Green tea with lemon thins and can help you.
Ideal for digestion. Without a doubt, it can be great to help the stomach do its job well. Of course, let at least an hour after meals to drink a rich lemon green tea.
It goes well for colds. Antioxidant and loaded with vitamin C. If you have a flu, a cold or a respiratory problem, a good combination of green tea and lemon will not come at all bad.
How does it affect the taste?
In principle, the lemon, like any citrus element will give certain characteristics different from the infusion of green tea, that is very clear. The drink will have more acidity, it will have a darker color and it will not taste so smooth. But, on the other hand, it can be said that they are two elements that can combine well, especially in summer, if you want to achieve a refreshing effect, taking them cold and with a lot of ice.

Does lemon affect the properties of green tea?
In principle, according to research conducted at the University of Purdue (United States), the lemon not only would not affect the properties of green tea at all, but would even enhance them. In fact, it would make the EGCG (galate epigallocatechins) of this infusion more easily absorbed by the body. Some even point out that it would help to combat the problem of absorption of the iron that tea generates, one of its most frequent contraindications.

For its part, independently, both green tea and lemon have excellent properties, which is why not only that you should not fail to take into account both elements, either united or separately so that your health is better.

How to prepare green tea with lemon
To make the classic version of green tea with lemon, you just have to put a spoonful of good green tea into strands inside the teapot. Add a little lemon peel cut into it and squeeze the juice from it. Infuse with water at 80 ° for 2-3 minutes and then add the juice.

Green tea with lemon and honey
Of course, it is not necessary to sweeten green tea with lemon, far from it. But if you want to add some kind of sweet, nothing better than a little honey is the chosen substance. So, you will come very well for when you have a cold and want something warm and rich.

Green tea with lemon and ginger
As in the previous case, to the base preparation you add some slices of ginger. If you want an even greater power, extract the juice of some good pieces of ginger root with a juice extractor and then add it to the green tea with lemon and ready to drink.

Green tea with lemon and cinnamon
If you want to provide a more metabolic touch to the one that already has green tea fasting, then it’s time to mix it with lemon and cinnamon. To the base preparation of green tea with lemon, you add a piece of cinnamon stick and then you are consuming throughout the day. One cup fasting and two more throughout the day. Perfect to lose weight.

Green Tea

Now it is up to you if you want to drink green tea or not with lemon additive. At least you know that negatively it will not affect you. You can even try a rich recipe of Nonpareil Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea with lemon and ginger that is good for losing weight.

Other combinations you can make with green tea

  • Green tea with mint. Refreshing, perfect to be consumed cold or hot. Can
  • Green tea with jasmine. Great, a display of aromas and flavors without equal. A good green tea with jasmine is one of the most spectacular infusions that exist.
  • Green tea with passion fruit. A simple combination
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