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How to drink green tea: when and how much can you drink a day?

drink green tea

Everything you need to know about how to drink green tea

  • Green tea is a beverage that can be consumed in different ways (even used to prepare meals) and, in addition, its multiple properties make it tremendously useful, to fight against various ailments and for the prevention of many others.
  • Green tea is a beverage that has gained popularity throughout the world due to its great versatility when consumed, in addition to the good amount of properties it contains. This is why it is not only consumed in Asia; even the most sophisticated varieties are making themselves present in other parts of the world. Do you want to know how to prepare it? Would you like to know how, when and how much can you take? You just have to keep reading the note.

How to prepare green tea

  1. In the form of infusion and with not very hot water. Green tea is always prepared following the infusion format. But the water does not have to reach the boiling point, but with 75, 80 degrees Celsius will be perfect.
  2. Half a tablespoon of strands per cup. Once the water is at that temperature, heat the teapot first, drain the water, place the tea and now add the final water. Keep in mind that you will need approximately two tablespoons of green tea per liter of water, adding or removing if you want it stronger or softer.
  3. Short rest. Let the tea sit for two or three minutes, not much else. Green tea is delicate and a greater exposure could generate a flavor too intense and abrasive for the palate.

How to drink green tea
How to drink green tea to enjoy its taste and properties

  • Green tea alone. It is the previous preparation. You can sweeten or add milk, if you wish. But this way it only goes of wonders and it is how best they take advantage of their properties.
  • Cold green tea If you want it cold, then you just have to serve it in a jug and take it to the refrigerator. It goes well with mint, with lemon or alone, which is similarly refreshing.
  • Green tea with lemon. Prepare the traditional green tea and add a little juice and a slice of lemon with your skin. If you want you can also incorporate mint. It is drunk cold or hot.
  • Green tea in blends. Green tea blends wonderfully in blends with other herbs, fruits and spices. It fits well with spices such as anise, with some flowers (with jasmine, for example) and also with some fruits of citrus / tropical profile.
  • Green tea with fruits. You can try other than lemon. They can be both dry (dehydrated) and fresh. Ideal to prepare in the summer.

How to drink green tea to lose weight

  1. Many seek directly to consume green tea to lose weight. It is something completely understandable, because this infusion is a magnificent fat burning, metabolism activator and antioxidant. More and more people are including it in their diets. But … How do you take to lose weight?
  2. In its traditional form. You can consume about three or four cups a day, every day. Be constant and accompany the tea of ​​a good diet, balanced, with many fresh products and few processed. Do exercise. The results will come soon.
  3. In capsules or tablets. Usually comes in this presentation, ideal for those who do not like the taste or prefer an “easy way”.
  4. Powdered. There is green tea powder, called matcha, which is prepared in minutes and can be added to any type of preparation, drinkable and edible.

When and how much green tea to take per day?

  • Now that you know how to drink green tea, it’s time to find out when you can drink it and also how much you should consume each day. Obviously, that will depend on your tastes, habits and also health conditions. But
  • Fasting green tea. You can have green tea on an empty stomach without any problems. Moreover, even some recommend doing it this way to enjoy their properties to the fullest.
  • Green tea at night. If you are a little irritable to caffeine, avoid green tea at night. Especially if you have a tendency to suffer from insomnia and so on. Although Organic Tian Mu Mao Feng Green Tea is not the most caffeine variety, it is true that it contains this stimulant.
  • Amounts to consume. It is not advisable to take it in excessive amounts. It is estimated that green tea, like all varieties of tea, has fluoride. And also caffeine / theine. It is for this reason that it is convenient to do it in reasonable doses. Three, four or five cups per day will not generate any kind of problems.
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