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25 benefits of green tea

benefits of green tea

An updated list of the main effects of green tea in favor of your health
That green tea is a true gift of nature in favor of your health, there is no doubt about it. However, do you know what are the 25 most important benefits of green tea? In this article you can find out what green tea is used for before breakfast or after meals.

Green tea is synonymous with health and longevity. Its antioxidant components are so many and so important that it seems unnecessary to highlight each of its many benefits on different organs and body systems.

However, it never hurts to remember how a refreshing infusion of green tea can relieve you of some of the most frequent health problems, in a fast and natural way.

What does the green tea works for?
To learn more about the 25 main benefits of green tea and turn to them when you need them, follow the corresponding links.

In this way, you will find information in particular, of each effect of green tea in favor of your health.

25 benefits of green tea

1.- Reduces the risk of cancer. 2.- Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
 3.- Combat aging.  4.- Help to lose weight.
 5.- Prevents wrinkles. 6.- Reduces the risk of arthritis.
 7.- Strengthens the bones. 8.- Help lower cholesterol.
 9.- Prevents obesity. 10.- It’s good for diabetes.
 11.- Strengthens memory. 12.- Protects against Parkinson’s disease
 13.- It is a hepatoprotector. 14.- Prevents hypertension.
 15.- Protects from food poisoning. 16.- Reduce blood glucose levels.
 17.- Stimulates immunity.  18.- Avoid flu and colds.
 19.- Relieves asthma. 20.- Fight infections in the ears.
 21.- Contribute in the treatment against herpes. 22.- Prevents cavities.
 23.- Reduce stress. 24.- Relieves allergies.
 25.- Mitigate HIV. Do you know any other benefit of green tea for health?

Every day new benefits are added to green tea that make it a panacea for health. I invite you to enjoy this video where its best uses and applications are numbered.

However, green tea has many properties that add up day by day, to this already extensive list.

These are the main properties with which green tea can benefit you, however, the list is not closed. Apparently it will continue to increase in the future.

How to drink green tea
Recommended daily dose
If you do not have any health problems that can be considered a contraindication to green tea, you can drink as much as you want. In fact, experts recommend that you drink at least 4 cups a day

Suggested hours
You can drink green tea at any time, but it is recommended that it be at least one hour before and after meals. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach is also highly recommended, since your body will more easily absorb your assets.

Formats or presentations
It should be noted that you can consume tea in different ways. In this list you can find the most popular

Green tea infusions: you can take it alone or in combination with other teas, spices and herbs.
Green tea capsules: supplements that perfectly replace the infusion of green tea (ie, have the same properties).
Smoothies with green tea: they are refreshing, especially if they have fruits as ingredients. This infusion paired perfectly with citrus and tropical fruits in general.
Matcha powder tea: it is also a variety of green tea, which as such, brings its valuable benefits to health.
Remedies with green tea: for its properties, it can be combined with other ingredients to prepare remedies for internal and external consumption.
These are not the only ways, only the most common ones. You can also use green tea to prepare refreshing drinks and slushies. In this video you can see three ideal recipes for summer.

Most popular green tea varieties

  • There is no single type of green tea. In fact, you’ll be surprised that in Japan alone there are more than 10 varieties of green tea that are commonly consumed. Of course, if you add the ones in other Asian countries, there are many more. Here you can find the most common green tea varieties, all with very similar benefits.
  • Green tea guricha: is a variety from Japan, which is characterized by the sweet taste it gets because not produced when not roasted, but is subjected to steam. Learn more about this tea and go ahead and try its smooth and fruity flavor.
  • Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun): this Chinese green tea has a sweet taste, reminiscent of the taste of nuts. It is one of the most consumed varieties in its country of origin and in the world. Discover it!
  • Green tea hari talvar: is an ideal variety for those who value organic above all. This Indian tea is expensive, but its certified production assures you that it is chemical free and that its cultivation is 100% sustainable.
  • Green tea wick: because it is obtained from young shoots, this variety of Japanese green tea has a bitter and astringent taste. It is very rich in tannins and catechins, which makes it highly valued for its benefits. If you like intense and herbal flavors, be sure to try this variety.
  • Green tea lotus tea: this variety of Vietnamese green tea is characterized because in its process lotus flowers are used to cure tea plants. The result is a mild, sweet and very aromatic taste, which makes it very different from others. Do not stop trying!
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