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Green Tea and Pineapple Fat Burning Smoothie

Green Tea and Pineapple

Homemade smoothie recipe burns green tea and pineapple grease
Starting the day with a good fat-burning breakfast shake is not a bad idea at all. Even more if it is composed of ingredients such as green tea and pineapple, two very good elements to lose weight. Maybe you want to adopt the recipe.

It is never bad to start the day with a good fat-burning shake, if what you want is to lose weight. If the ingredients that compose it are the ones indicated, consuming it at the beginning of the day will help you to start the day with all your nutrients well taken advantage of.

This in particular, is a recipe that has pineapple and green tea as main components. Besides helping to lose weight, it is extremely tasty.

How to prepare a fat-burning shake to take on an empty stomach
Ingredients needed

  1. A cup of green tea
  2. A large slice of pineapple
  3. A spoonful of oat bran
  4. One tablespoon of flax or linseed seeds
  5. Step by step preparation

Prepare a cup of green tea as you would traditionally, let it cool (you can have it ready at night for the morning).
Place the green yƩ in the blender jar.

Add the rest of the ingredients; the pineapple in pieces, the spoonful of oat bran and also, the flax seeds.
Beat until the ingredients are integrated evenly.

Smoothies with tea

Then, you only have to start the day with this green tea and pineapple fat burner shake.

Properties of fat burning components
Pineapple provides diuretic and depurative properties.
Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea, meanwhile, is highly indicated to lose weight.
So are the bran and the flax seeds, which will help you with your fibers, to purify your organism.
Therefore, given the properties of its components, it is worth giving an opportunity to this delicious recipe of fat burning.

Fat burning ingredients for your shakes

  • If you want to make your own shake recipes, you will be interested in knowing which components to include in order to obtain greater fat burning effects. Keep in mind these ingredients, whose properties are ideal for it.
  • Pu erh red tea Like green tea, red tea has fat burning benefits that make it one of the best components to include in your smoothie recipes.
  • Onions, rich in quercetin. Similarly, the onion, a food highly valued in the alkaline diet, included in your smoothies will do wonders to burn fat and lose weight.
  • Lemon, rich in antioxidants. A component that combines very well with other ingredients and that can not be lacking in a good recipe for fat burning, as it is ideal for this purpose.
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