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Benefits of green tea over red tea

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Effects of green tea compared to red tea

When it comes to enjoying a good tea, there are those who highlight the effects of one or the other. The truth is that both green tea and red tea have their advocates, even when certain advantages of green tea are imposed over red tea. Know them and compare.

As you should know, both red tea and green tea come from the same plant: Camellia sinensis. What differentiates them is the process that the leaves have suffered, which is also on the other hand, who gives them their particular characteristic of aroma and flavor.

While green tea is the variety that has become more popular in recent times, red tea also enjoys a good number of followers. Are you interested in knowing what are the differences between these two varieties of tea? Take note of the following list.

Benefits of green tea over red tea

  1. Taste and aroma Green tea is the freshest variety and red tea is the most aged, which makes the taste of the latter more intense and strong. If you like soft and fresh flavor drinks you will love green tea.
  2. Nutritional content Green tea, not having undergone any fermentation process, maintains its natural components almost intact, with which its properties and medicinal benefits would be enhanced.
  3. Lower caffeine content Having not gone through any oxidation process, green tea contains a very low percentage of caffeine, which is very appropriate if you suffer from a nervous disorder or anxiety. On the other hand, if you need to raise your state of attention and concentration, red tea will be of great help.
  4. Lower tannin content Green tea has a lower amount of tannins, which is why its degree of astringency is lower. This feature is very beneficial if you suffer from digestive disorders, especially gastritis or reflux, since tannins have a tendency to increase acidity.
  5. Medicinal properties. While they share almost the same medicinal properties, some are more potentiated in one variety than in another. For example, green tea seems to have a greater capacity against allergies. In contrast, red tea is often used in treatments to reduce and maintain adequate blood cholesterol levels. On the other hand, Organic Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea is often attributed to a large fat burning capacity, which is ideal as a weight loss treatment.

Other varieties of tea

If you usually drink tea daily, you will surely like to try, if you have not already done so, other varieties of Camelia sinensis, since each of them has its particularities in flavor, aroma and texture. I recommend you take a look at the ones listed below.

  • Black tea You will discover the characteristics and main properties for the health of this variety of tea.
  • The yellow tea. You will get to know a type of tea that is not as popular as its brothers, but none the less tasty and curative.
  • The white tea You will get to know the youngest variety of tea from Camellia sinensis and all the benefits it can offer for health.
  • Oolong tea or blue tea. You will find a tea with delicate flavor that has great healing properties that can be of great help to treat different conditions.
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