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The Dinggu Dafang, a magnificent green tea from China

dinggu dafang

One of the most notorious varieties of that country
Have you ever heard of Dinggu Dafang? It is a variety of tea native to China. It is delicate, but with a lot of personality and a powerful flavor. Do not miss knowing him!

Do you want to know one of the best varieties of green tea that China has? Well then, do not miss out on knowing the DingGu Dafang, one of its most renowned styles. With a remarkable flavor, for many it can become a green tea not so different from a longjing, but when you try it, you realize that you are facing something really remarkable. Do not miss it!

Dinggu Dafang tea: how it is obtained and what characteristics it has
This tea is a product of the province of Anhui, collecting from really paradisiacal sites of the enormous China. It resembles in some way the longjing, but it has a stronger flavor, since it is toasted to the wok and this ends up giving it an absolutely unique flavor and personality.

Its flavor is very delicate, but with presence. Fruits stand out, but above all that particular aftertaste, which leaves a sweetness, with its creamy body and its delicate touch of nuts or hazelnuts.

How Dinggu Dafang tea is prepared and consumed
When it comes to preparing a rich cup of Dafang, you can try different methods. From short infusions of 30, 40 seconds with a water at about 75-80 °, to a more prolonged two or three minutes, with water at about 70-75 °. Either way it will look good and it is also a matter of trying it and finding the desired point, because for tastes, colors.

While I usually recommend drinking green tea at the time of the day that best suits you, perhaps this one that is more toasted and with more dominant flavors, is to manage better. Perhaps for the sunset, relaxing the senses, enjoying a good record or an interesting reading and letting the Dafang make his own.

Other varieties of green tea

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  • The great hojicha. Do you want to try a great green tea? Then do not turn your back on the hojicha, a tremendous Japanese variety.
  • The konacha, almost in dust. The Konacha has the characteristic of being pulverized, but without reaching the point of being a matcha. A good option
  • The Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, pure distinction. Perhaps one of the most distinguished varieties of green tea in the world. Do not deprive yourself of trying it ever in life.
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