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Green tea: what country should buy?

Green teas

A tea with many quality producers
Do you want to buy quality green tea and do not know which country to buy from? Well then do not miss this note, where you will be able to know a little more about your options.

Do you want to buy green tea of ​​some kind? Well then you just have to follow these tips according to each country. Are you interested? China, Japan and others are waiting for you.

From China
Imagine the amount of green tea that is produced in China, which is the most consumed variety in the country. And being this the most populated nation in the world, and without having to take out stories, you will realize that it is a lot. For that reason, options are not going to miss you.

If you want a Chinese green tea to start you in the matter, it is best to start with a longjing, one of the best known green teas in China. While there are varieties of maximum level, it is most likely that what comes to your hands is something quite worthy and very good, but not of the highest quality. It is a very rich tea, with everything you have to have a green tea, lightly toasted by hand.

It is also a good choice in China is the bilochun, a fruity tea with aromas of vegetables, fresh and very herbal. On the other hand, there is the green tea gunpowder, another of the traditional in China, which is often used to prepare it with mint. And the classic jasmine tea from the Fujian region, which are neither more nor less than strands of green tea infused with this flower. Delight.

From Japan
In Japan, only unfermented tea is prepared. Therefore, green tea is absolutely king. So imagine you have everything to try.

One of the easiest to get, good price and good quality, is the sencha. Perhaps it is the most popular tea in Japan and you can take it without having to look for it everywhere.

If you want something more sophisticated, try to get a good gyokuro. If you dare with particular flavors, give the genmaicha a chance, which is made with roasted rice grains and give it a very particular smoky touch. Japanese green tea is one of the best options you have ahead.

From other countries
It is clear that green tea is practically the absolute heritage of China and Japan. These two countries are the top producers and that is how they take exclusive prominence.

But you can also find some varieties such as green tea that is made in Ceylon. Or the kahwah, which is a green tea from Pakistan. On the other hand, some American countries like Argentina, Brazil or Paraguay also produce a little green tea.

Meet other varieties of tea

  • Do you want to explore other varieties of tea outside the green? Well, you are in the right place. It’s just a matter of seeing what catches your attention and preparing to explore a little.
  • Varieties of oolong tea. A delicious tea, which is halfway between what is green tea and black tea, with medium fermentation. It is perfect to discover new flavors.
  • Varieties of white tea. A super delicate tea, of pale coloration, soft aroma and crystalline flavor. It is really very interesting to know, and it is made from very young shoots of the plant.
  • Blends with black tea. They are not especially varieties, but blends or blends are one of the most traditional ways of consuming Aromatic Snail Keemun Black Tea. Do you dare with these rich mixtures?
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