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Green tea with milk: benefits, contraindications and how to prepare it

Green tea with milk

A drink with its lovers and detractors
Green tea can be drunk with milk, because many people feel better in this way. But it is also true that there are some issues that make this habit somewhat unwise. Read this note and know much more about green tea with milk.

Are you an adept at drinking green tea with milk? Well then you should read this note, where you will find some reasons to do it and others not to do it. And also tips to prepare it and much more. The final word is in you. Meanwhile, enjoy this note.

Why drink green tea with milk

  1. There are no scientific reasons that speak favorably about the properties that milk would add to your cup of green tea. They only respond to questions that have to do with taste.
  2. Green tea is astringent and has an herbal touch that can be annoying. To counteract this effect, you can add a touch of milk, which will give a more particular flavor.
  3. Also, if you will, it can be seen as a benefit of green tea that it will have the protein content and general properties of the milk. But neither are values ​​so remarkable.

Why not drink green tea with milk

  1. Here without there are several more reasons against the consumption of green tea with milk. And they go beyond the merely organoleptic and sensations that can generate at the level of aroma or palate.
  2. It would affect the absorption of its antioxidants. Apparently, milk casein would interfere negatively when it comes to absorbing tea antioxidants. There are several who advocate this theory, there are even investigations in this regard, but there are also versions that say that the amount of milk present is not so important.
  3. It changes its color and flavor. The flavor, aroma and color characteristics of the tea will be affected. A purist of green tea is hardly going to put milk to the infusion.

How to prepare tea with milk

  • Although, as you have seen, drinking green tea with milk is not the best thing you can do, maybe you like it this way and, you know it well, for tastes, colors. For this same reason, follow these steps and accompany it correctly with this dairy derivative.
  • With a little milk Prepare green tea as usual, have hot milk handy and take a touch of the green tea you are going to drink. Classic style.
  • With a lot of milk. Heat the milk to the boil, because it is lower than the water temperature. Place then in the teapot, where you will add green tea. Infuse for three minutes and drink.
  • With vegetable milk This is an excellent option, since there would be no evidence of a bad influence of vegetable milks on tea in general. Warm some of your favorite vegetable milk and then add to your green tea header in the desired amount.
  • Matcha style Mix a dose of matcha green tea powder with a tablespoon of milk powder. Dilute with a little hot water to beat it and make a little foam. Add water at 80 ° and you will be ready to drink. Silver Jasmine Green Tea (Mo Li Yin Hao) with super express milk.

Of bonus, you are going two recipes of tea with milk. They are made with black tea, but be sure to try them.

  • Tea with Pakistani milk. In that Asian country black tea is prepared with three quarters of milk and a quarter of water. It is ideal for you if you like to try not so well-known ways of preparing infusions.
  • Masala chai with milk. To the traditional recipe of masala chai, that mixture that has cinnamon, cardamom and other Indian species, you add milk to give it a little more unctuousness and perhaps take away that marked flavor it has. You can drink it like that without problems.
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