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How green tea is made with jasmine

jasmine tea

A fine and delicate tea
Surely if you like the floral flavors and aromas, jasmine tea can be one of your favorites. It is usually combined with green tea and, if you want to know how it is made and prepared, here you will find everything you need to know about it.

Jasmine tea is one of the most delicate and widespread in the world. But its history began during the Ming dynasty, stage marked by the adoration of everything floral, not only in the infusions, but also in the decoration of porcelain, paintings and even in literature.

Chrysanthemum and orchid were other flowers used in infusions and other recipes. During the year 1800, jasmine tea began to be exported from China to the East, where everyone fell in love with its scented and mild aroma and flavor, a love that continues to this day. Learn more about him.

How jasmine tea is produced
Jasmine tea is usually made from two species of this flower: Common Jasmine and Sampaguita. The largest crops are found in Fujian province (China), where the climatic conditions are ideal, with maximum temperatures of around 21ºC and minimum temperatures of 17ºC and with precipitations between 1400-2000 mm.

This tasty and aromatic tea is often combined with green tea, although other plantations also choose white or black tea. The combination of the delicious fragrance and sweetness with the tea leaves results in a smooth infusion, but at the same time tasty.

First step. The process begins with the tea harvest in late spring, as it is the time of greatest freshness. They are then dried, usually by steam or with a heat source. In any of the methods used, the heat is mild so as not to damage the properties of the leaves. Once ready they are stored cold until the summer ends, when the jasmine flowers are ready.
Second step. Started the summer the jasmine flowers are collected, just flowered. The chosen moment is noon, since the flowers are closed, then as they dry, they open and release all their aroma.
Third step. Now, it is time to mix the jasmine flowers with the tea leaves in a special place with controlled temperature. Naturally, the tea leaves are absorbent, but sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, the aromatization is carried out several times. This process can last from a day to weeks.
Fourth step. Then, optionally, the jasmine flowers are sometimes separated from the tea, although they are usually left as they look pretty. By this time, all the aroma will have been absorbed by the tea. This process is very delicate and must be followed to the letter to obtain a quality, aromatic and delicious tea.

How to prepare green tea with jasmine
First, choose filtered or mineral water, they are ideal to avoid other flavors and aggregates that tap water can have. Heat it and take it out of the fire before it boils. If you have a thermometer it can be more accurate, the water will be ready at 80ºC.
For each cup of tea put 2 grams of tea in your infuser. Depending on the flavor you want, the variety and quality of the tea the infusion will take between 30 seconds and 3 minutes to be ready.
You can reuse the same tea up to 2 or 3 times. Of course, the taste will gradually be lost.

Other variants of tea with jasmine

  • If you want to try other ways to drink jasmine tea, these tips will come to you wonderfully. Are you going to miss them? Do not stay with the traditional modality and take some liberties. 😉
  • Jasmine beads. If you want to enjoy a delicate green tea in the form of pearls, which has jasmine in its essence, then you should not miss that magnificent variety. You will enjoy it full time!
  • Blend with white tea. White tea, jasmine and apple. A combination that, just like that, sounds simply irresistible. Try that blend and you’ll see that it is.
  • Two special recipes A proposal is a kind of jam made with jasmine tea. The other, a multivitamin drink that has this tea, obviously, as one of its central points.
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