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Matcha tea, avocado and kiwi ice cream, healthy and refreshing

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A combination of very healthy flavors and textures

  • Do you like to drink ice cream? Well, do it in a rich and healthy way. Here you will find a recipe combining flavors such as matcha green tea, avocado and kiwi. Are you going to miss it?
  • Surely you already know what Matcha green tea is all about. This is presented in powder and, without a doubt, this format comes as a ring to finger to meddle in some desserts, meals and smoothies without any problem.
  • This option that you will know in this note is a delicious ice cream, which is made up of matcha, avocado and kiwi. Not only is it vegan, but it is completely raw (it preserves absolutely all the nutrients in food) and has no added sugar. It’s just a matter of you trying it and you’ll see how rich and healthy it is, as well as being terribly refreshing.

Step by step recipe

  1. An avocado
  2. Two kiwis
  3. A good spoonful of matcha green tea powder
  4. A stream of coconut milk (optional)
  5. Stevia to sweeten (optional)


  • Peel the avocado, remove the bone and place it inside the glass of a blender. Add the kiwis, previously peeled. Both fruits should be pulling mature.
  • It will now be time for you to incorporate powdered green tea and, if you have at hand, a stream of coconut milk, which is completely optional, but it will give a unique creaminess to the preparation. If you like, sweeten with stevia.
  • Process the mixture until it is well homogenous. Take the freezer in those palette containers in individual format or simply in a large bowl. Leave to freeze, stirring occasionally to make it more unctuous, if you wish.

Other variants of use

  1. With banana. If you do not have an avocado on hand or simply do not feel like using it, you can replace it with a banana without any problem, even adding more coconut milk.
  2. With chocolate. If you like chocolate, a little of a natural one, with a high percentage of cocoa and without added sugar, can go very well.
  3. Sugarfree. Sweeten with agave, maple syrup or some kind of whole and natural molasses if you want to give this ice cream a little more sweetness.

Why this is a healthy ice cream

  • Matcha tea has all the properties of green tea powder. The powder form of green tea is revolutionizing the market a bit. It is that it can be used very easily, it is practical, it is rich and it keeps its properties, all of them. To the point of being considered a kind of new superfood. It is available in tea shops or, of course, through any online tea shop.
  • Avocado is a super healthy fat. That the avocado is one of the ingredients of this recipe does not necessarily make it fattening. Their fats are very healthy, recommended for anyone and, consumed without excess, they do nothing but report benefits.
  • The kiwi fruit with antioxidant power. This citrus hybrid contains high doses of vitamin C and, combined with matcha and avocado, it will give an incredible flavor, texture and color to this raw and remarkably healthy ice cream.
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