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Green tea extract would be effective in treating obesity

green tea extract

Green tea would increase weight loss

  1. A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, states that ingesting green tea extract could be effective in treating obesity. This would act by increasing energy expenditure and therefore, weight loss.
  2. One of the most recognized infusions worldwide is green tea. Year after year, this curative drink, derived from the Camellia sinensis, captures an audience that admires not only its pleasant and fresh flavor but is seduced in a great way by its incredible medicinal properties. You are one of them?
  3. To demonstrate its great therapeutic virtues, different scientific investigations have been carried out. In one of the most recent, it could be known that the green tea extract has active ingredients that would be effective in treating obesity.
  4. According to a publication of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of a small dose of catechins contained in green tea (epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG), would increase weight loss.

Are you interested in knowing how this research was carried out?

Scientific study on green tea extract and obesity

To carry out this research, green tea extract with a degree of 94% purity was used.

Development of the study

  • The study was carried out on 10 obese men, randomly chosen, who did not present complications in their health. His Body Mass Index (BMI) was on average 31.3kg / m2.
  • A double blind cross-over trial was performed as a research method.

These patients were randomized into 5 groups, which were given different types of dietary supplements to take:

  • Patients with placebo
  • Patients with low doses of EGCG (300 mg)
  • Patients with high doses of EGCG (600 mg)
  • Patients with caffeine doses (200 mg)

Patients with EGCG plus caffeineThe consumption of the different doses of dietary supplement were within 2 hours after the end of the meal.
The evaluation was extended for 3 days, after which the patients were rotated as a group. In this way all the participants had received the different dietary supplements.

Results of the study

  1. There was a 33% increase in energy expenditure in those patients who had consumed low doses of EGCG supplement.
  2. There was a 20% increase in energy expenditure in those people who had received high dose of EGCG supplement.
  3. An increase of 34% was found in those patients who had consumed caffeine.
  4. But the highest figure, 49% of energy expenditure was obtained by those people who received a combined dose of EGCG and caffeine.

Conclusions of the study

The combination of caffeine with green tea extract increases the loss of energy and therefore, the loss of weight.
From the results obtained in the present study, it is established that the effective dose of Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing) consumption would be between 3 to 10 cups daily.

While it is necessary to continue with studies of this nature, it is important to emphasize that the results obtained are very useful to treat a disease such as obesity, which affects millions of people worldwide.

How to consume green tea extract

  • It is recommended to consume 100 to 700 milligrams per day. You do not have to do it all at once, if the taste seems strong to you. You can make several shots.
  • You also have the possibility to opt for liquid extract or dry extract that comes in capsules.
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