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Green tea to lose weight

lose weight tea

Green tea for weight loss

While there are still no conclusive studies showing that green tea has properties related to weight loss, there are many reliable sources that believe that green tea, drunk in several daily doses, would increase the energy expenditure of the body. Discover how to lose weight with green tea.

Green tea, at this point, could be quietly indicated as “the tea of ​​the 1001 properties”. It is that periodically scientific investigations arise from which new benefits and medicinal properties arise.

Apparently, it would also have in his favor, that of helping people lose weight. In this way, in addition to its known antioxidants, would add a property required by many: to lose weight quickly and effectively. Are you interested in how you can do it?

Benefit of green tea to lose weight

Although the studies that have been carried out are not conclusive and have not been fully demonstrated, it is estimated that green tea is a very powerful weapon to fight against weight gain. There is research that has proven that people who have drunk several times a day, increased their energy expenditure by a significant percentage. With the advantage of not producing acceleration of the heart rate.

Green tea can help you lose weight in different ways.

  • Accelerates metabolism Two of its main bioactive compounds, caffeine and catechins, are able to exert a great effect on the metabolism, helping to burn excess body fat.
  • It purifies the organism. EGCG catechins have the power to increase hormone levels such as norepinephrine. This hormone is responsible for telling the liver cells to break down fat. This process causes the release of fat particles in the bloodstream and transform it into energy.
  • Strengthens the slimming effect of the exercise. There are studies that have shown that those who have consumed green tea extract alternating with exercise, have managed to lose fat more easily.
  • For this same reason, Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea would be considered within the group of foods that serve to lose weight naturally, related to the expenditure of energy, as are the exercises. Anyway, everything is not yet said, as the subject is constantly being investigated.
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