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5 Smoothies with matcha green tea for summer

A perfect green tea powder for these drinks
Matcha tea is an authentic delight and is increasingly fashionable. And, in addition, it is perfect for preparing shakes of all kinds. Do you want to enjoy some summer specials of this green tea powder? Here you go 5 smoothies.

Do you like matcha green tea? Then in a rich smoothie you can enjoy it much more, especially on a hot day. Being a powdered tea, you can enjoy it with ease at any time. You just have to follow one of these recipes and you can get it.

Dare yourself with some delicious matcha smoothies

Matcha and melon. Perfect, fresh and very summery. Place half a glass of orange juice, a cup of melon, a spoonful of matcha and a cup of crushed ice. Process until the ingredients are integrated and enjoy a great super refreshing smoothie.

Matcha and banana. Ideal for breakfasts. Glass of water, vegetable milk, milk of cow or yogurt, spoonful of matcha, a banana and to process. Sweeten to taste, if you want it, and drink. If it goes, you can also add pure cocoa, as if to make it even more intense.

Matcha and vegetable milk. As simple as effective. You only have to mix a spoonful of matcha with a good glass of vegetable milk, which can be almonds, chestnuts, peanuts or whatever else you prefer. Sweets with honey, mixtures, and you have a delicious and super nutritious drink in a matter of seconds.

Matcha and red berries. Another combination that will not fail and that will leave a really remarkable color to the drink. Place a cup stocked with red fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, in the blender jar. A spoonful of matcha, glass and a half of water and beat.

matcha green tea

Matcha lemonade This is a fabulous idea for summer. Put a tablespoon of matcha, two cups of water, the juice of one or two lemons, a little bit of whole sugar or stevia, a touch of fresh or powdered ginger and a good amount of juice to make it sparkling. integrated. Serve it with a lot of ice. And you can even go perfect to do it on ice pops and enjoy it by the pool on a hot day.

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