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Green tea as a stimulant

stimulant tea

Green tea to fight against fatigue

  • In addition to the multiple properties that green tea has to its credit, there is also that of being a mild stimulant, ideal to fight fatigue every day. For this reason, drinking daily can achieve a desired effect without having to consume medicines or anything that is not natural.
  • Green tea is one of the drinks with more properties that you can get to find available.
  • Among those benefits that green tea has is that of being a natural stimulant.
  • Green tea is ideal for its stimulating, invigorating and exciting action of the central nervous system. But, you have not asked yourself, who transferred this property?

Why tea is stimulating
This stimulating benefit you can check in the following effects.

  • It will improve your acuity and mental concentration.
  • It will increase your memory.
  • It will speed up your metabolism, eliminating excess fluids and burning fat.
  • Undoubtedly the responsible for this benefit are two of its main components: caffeine and theanine.

The theine

  1. The caffeine present in tea is called thein, but it is the same substance. Except that it acts in a different way than in coffee. The polyphenols present in this drink, cause the body to absorb slower the theine.
  2. For this reason, its effect on tea is not as explosive as in coffee. It is slower but more durable. Theine has this stimulating faculty, so welcome in some cases.
  3. Anyway, and this is interesting, the concentration of this substance is lower than in other varieties. A cup of green tea has between 24 and 40 milligrams of theine, while a cup of coffee usually has 95 to 200 milligrams.


  • For its part, this substance is called the “anti-stress acid”. It acts directly on neurotransmitters and stimulates alpha waves, which are responsible for increasing brain activity.
  • This is achieved by increasing the ability to learn and concentration, but without causing nervousness. How about?
  • The combination of caffeine and theanine leads to an improvement in general brain function. But, in addition, green tea is good within the stimulating area as an accelerator of metabolism and also for the elimination of liquids. The potentiating effect is given through its antioxidants throughout the body.
  • This is how you can remove water more easily from your kidneys and also so that fats can be expelled more quickly.
  • That’s why green tea is used to lose weight.
  • If you want to use green tea to fight fatigue and fatigue, you can drink several cups a day, if you have no contraindications to the consumption of theine.
  • Still, Organic Bai Hao (White Downy) Green Tea has many other benefits that can be interesting, drink it daily! …
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