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Green tea and coconut, a possible combination

green tea and coconut

A gentle blend, ideal for spring
Have you ever thought of mixing green tea and coconut? This combination goes fabulously well and you can try it following the recipe of this interesting blend that you are going to know in this note.

In the northern hemisphere spring is at its best. But the autumn of the southern hemisphere, especially in those days when everything becomes sunny and peaceful, will also accept without any problem this mixture that will be proposed in this note: green tea and coconut.

Yes, it may seem like something too tropical at first sight or maybe you do not end up realizing how this element would fit with a little good green tea. But you will see that the final result of this blend will be wonderful. You just have to follow the tips suggested in this note and you will enjoy it with all your senses.


  • 50 grams of green tea
  • 5 Tablespoons tures flush with grated coconut
  • Some pieces of dried orange peel
  • Four or five units of star anise

To start, choose a nice Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea, one that is aromatic, but has some softness, that is not the strongest. Place it in a large jar or can, adding the grated coconut, the dried orange peel and also a little star anise, chopped roughly.

Mix well the blend, calculate a spoonful of soup for about two / three cups and put to heat the water. Put the blend inside the teapot, add the desired amount of water to about 75 degrees centigrade and let the infusion stand for two or three minutes, maximum. Once it’s ready, you just have to serve. Do not miss the infusion time, because it does not look good if it oxidizes.

Green Tea

This recipe is great for any time of the year, but for the tropicality of summer or spring, it is more than good. For that reason, do not forget to take it into account as an alternative. And even with lots of ice and orange slices, you can enjoy a cool cold preparation.

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