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Matcha tea, the new superfood?

A not-so-seen feature of this popular tea

Matcha tea is a green tea powder, which can have wonderful properties. For that reason, it has come to be considered even a superfood. For that reason, you only have to read this note and know more about it.

The world of super foods is wonderful, quinoa, chia, maca and broccoli without some of them. They have a special nutritional capacity, they are super complete and you have to take them into account to incorporate them into your diet. Matcha tea is also part of this “category” of foods, along with spirulina, blueberries and some more. For now, it is the only tea that could be part of this select group.

Matcha tea is a Japanese tea made from leaves reduced to a fine powder. It is grown in the shade, which gives it a more powerful green than traditional green tea and also enhances the chlorophyll content. By dissolving the powder in water instead of soaking a tea bag, the nutrients can be completely absorbed, enhancing their properties compared to other teas.

Why matcha tea can be a superfood

  • Matcha tea is an excellent antioxidant, it has up to 20 times more antioxidant capacity than blueberries. Improves defenses, preventing diseases and slows aging.
  • It is a powerful natural energizer, can help you deal with a long day without the negative of caffeine. While all teas contain a little caffeine, every two grams of matcha tea consumes almost half of what coffee has. In addition, the caffeine in tea is absorbed in a very different and healthy way, thanks to phytonutrients.
  • Its content of L-theanine, an exclusive amino acid of the tea plant and one of the main ones of the matcha. This has a special ability to stimulate the production of brain waves, helps to concentrate and calm the mind, is very used to meditate. Stimulates memory and facilitates learning. This component reduces stress levels and levels blood pressure.
  • Matcha tea increases metabolism and helps purify your body.
    In addition this special tea contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K and fiber.
    It helps prevent cavities and helps with oral health, both in teeth and gums. Thanks to the fact that it also improves the digestive system, it helps eliminate bad breath.

The 4 best infusions with matcha tea

You can consume tea match in infusion as it is traditionally done, but you can also incorporate it into everyday recipes like cookies or a cake. Its herbal flavor and a little sweet will give a special flavor to your sweet preparations.

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