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Benefits of green tea for arthritis

arthritis tea

A property that has scientific support
Green tea has many properties, that’s true. It is said to be good for arthritis, for example. But is this true? In this article you will see that the benefits of these affirmations have scientific support.

There is always talk of the enormous properties of green tea. They are really many and each time they add more.

This infusion has remarkable chemical characteristics in its composition to favor anyone who drinks it. Even to people who are in their old age and need a bit of strength for their bones.

You may have heard that green tea could be very good at preventing arthritis. But, what are the reasons or the guarantees that demonstrate this affirmation?

In this article you will know some of the reasons. More reasons still so that the sacred cup of green infusion never fails in your hands.

What are the properties of green tea to combat artiritis?
There are several scientific studies that confirm this property of green tea to prevent and fight against arthritis. A study by Dr. Tariq Haqqi of Case Western Reserve University produced interesting revelations.

Although it was performed on rodents that had induced an arthritis through collagen, very similar to that produced in humans, the results were conclusive.

It is that those mice that habitually drank an extract of green tea that, in scale, simulated four daily cups of the infusion for a human, had shown a remarkable reaction. And is that most of them were immune to arthritis.

That is to say, these mice that consumed green tea, did not suffer the arthritis that did end up suffering from the rodents that did not consume it.

This clearly shows that polyphenols, the antioxidant substance par excellence of green tea, would play an important role in helping to prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Are you interested in knowing if more studies were done on the subject?

Studies on the properties of green tea against arthritis
Also a study led by Salah-uddin Ahmed, from the University of Michigan, stated that the epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG, from now on) that contains green tea could become determinants for the prevention of arthritis.

Everything comes from a study with rodents, as in the previous case, where those mice that received green tea, experienced up to 50 percent more prevention to rheumatoid arthritis than those who did not.

“Our research is a very important step to be able to find therapies for those people who experience deterioration in their joints,” said the specialist responsible for the study.

Other tea benefits related
While the study conducted by the Women’s Hospital of Boston does not speak at bone level in particular, the benefits of green tea for arthritis would go further.

“People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, usually consume drugs that are immunosuppressive,” says Jack Bukowski, one of those responsible for the investigation.

“As green tea helps the immune system to be strong, this is good so they do not suffer from infections, flu and other related problems.” It would also help reduce inflammation.

Consequently, although green tea may not be a miracle, much less when it comes to fighting arthritis, it can help prevent it, as well as some collateral problems that may be related to this bone problem.

Apparently, everything indicates that green tea would have preventive effects. There are no indications that, once the disease has materialized, it may be able to cure it.

How can you consume green tea to benefit you

It is usually recommended that the intake of Chun Mei Green Tea (Zhen Mei) be continued, long-term and repeating a cup for three or four times a day to enjoy its antioxidant effects.

Do not lose sight of some contraindications. Do not forget to know the 25 benefits of green tea, to know in depth what it is that you are consuming.

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