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Green tea and Jamaica flower, good for hypertension

jamaica flower tea

Two drinks that would help reduce high blood pressure
Both the hibiscus (Jamaica flower) and green tea are two infusions with a great repuación. If needed, a new study does nothing but add properties, since they would also be good for high blood pressure. At least in diabetics.

Without any doubt, the world of natural remedies and the beneficial action of plants is increasing every day.

It is that not only more and more of the medicines are discounted, but there is also a kind of return to the roots, where more and more people decide to control their health through the consumption of certain vegetables. Is it your case?

This, of course, if it is used as a preventive method can even be very positive. Such is the case of the benefit that can represent the consumption of two popular infusions such as green tea and hibiscus tea.

If both were already highly reputed, these new discoveries will make them even more so. Do you agree?

Study on diabetes: green tea and hibiscus tea would improve this disease
According to a study recently conducted at the Center for Diabetes Studies in Yazd, Iran, people who have diabetes and who drink either of these two drinks daily, could see their blood pressure reduced by up to 40 percent, depending on each case .

For the study, 94 patients with diabetes were recruited, between 30 and 60 years of age. They were divided equally and each was given green tea or hibiscus (Jamaica flower).

Each group had to consume 3 grams of the vegetable in question in 150 ml of boiling water, three times a day. The shot lasted for four weeks.

The results were overwhelming: the average blood pressure of the patients studied fell by 38 percent among green tea consumers, while it reached figures of up to 43 percent in those who took the hibiscus infusion.

Conclusions about the effectiveness of these teas for diabetes
Of course, these results are not conclusive, far from it. They do not mean that anyone can benefit from consuming these beverages, since the study was conducted only among diabetes patients.

But it does not stop being something extremely encouraging in the face of the medicinal possibilities that add two plants so used in the whole world.


Now, a paradox wakes up: Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea is a contraindicated drink in hypertensive people, because it contains caffeine. How is it then that can help reduce the pressure?

Science issues, or plant issues, let’s know. But it seems that one thing does not take away the other. At least that is what you think for now. You think?

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