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Green tea is also good for training

also good for training

According to a study recently conducted in England, green tea, combined with exercise, can give excellent results to burn fat and be in better shape. Do not miss this good news!

A recent study showed that green tea could improve the performance of people who lead an active life, doing different sports activities and exercise daily.

There are several reasons why green tea is a good option for you to burn fat, for example, it is a thermogenesis agent and accelerates metabolism, besides being a diuretic. This study focused on studying men over 21 active years, know a little more about this research

A group of researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in England set out to study how green tea extracts are related to fat reduction. The benefits of this capsule is that it is decaffeinated and is more practical to consume daily. A daily dosage of 570 milligrams per day, can equal the consumption of more than 60 cups of tea.

Previous studies had shown confusing and somewhat contradictory results, due to the amount of caffeine contained in green tea, therefore, this time he opted for a decaffeinated option.

The study gathered 14 men older than 21 years, some receiving a placebo and others the green tea extract for four weeks, doing exercises three times a week, during cycles of one hour each day.

A good discovery that can help you lose weight

The results were amazing, men who had consumed green tea extract showed a 25% increase in fat oxidation, while in the other group there were no significant changes. In the Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea group, a 1.63% decrease in body fat was also observed, compared to the placebo group.

The green tea extract, accompanied by physical activity, improves metabolic efficiency during exercise, in addition to increasing performance by almost 11%.

Green tea is a drink that can not stop finding good properties. And now, in case it was not enough, it is discovered that it is also good for training. Do you need any more excuse to discover it? 😉

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